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Electronic publication of student degree theses

(Master, Bachelor and Diploma theses)

To publish your degree thesis, the University Library needs the following:

Important note:
Degree theses submitted at the TU Ilmenau can be published by ilmedia if the examiner responsible agrees to its publication.
[General Rules - Technische Universität Ilmenau]

  1. Registration of your thesis for the University Bibliography (Hochschulbibliographie).
  2. Registration of an electronic thesis with the form "Registration of degree thesis "Registration of degree thesis"". This form provides the University Library with the most important details of your degree thesis, and includes the electronic document and possibly a brief abstract in txt format.
  3. The electronic degree thesis in pdf format.
  4. The completed declaration of consent (Einverständniserklärung), which must be signed by you and your examiner. After filling out, printing and signing it, you can send the document the University Library.
  5. An abstract of the degree thesis in German and English, between half and one whole A4 page each with max. 2400 characters, split into two TXT files.

The electronic degree thesis is published immediately by the University Library and you are provided with the URL used to access your degree thesis by email.

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Degree theses and copyright

Possible copyright issues referring to the electronic distribution of a degree thesis must be dealt with by the author themselves. If a thesis was completed in cooperation with a commercial enterprise, it is important to clarify whether the results of the degree thesis may in fact be published. If the author wishes to publish their thesis using another publisher, they must confirm whether the thesis can also be published by ilmedia in the Digitale Bibliothek Thüringen (dbt) (dbt), as well as in journals, conference volumes and books.
After distributing the thesis via ilmedia and the dbt, the author still reserves the right to use their degree thesis – in whole or in part – in later publications.

Detailed information on copyright is given under the menu item “author information/copyright”.




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