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General information on electronic publishing

As research fellow of TU Ilmenau and an author, you can publish your documents via ilmedia, as well as in the Digitalen Bibliothek Thüringen (Digital Library Thuringia).

The following authors are accepted:

  • Professors, lecturers, instructors and research fellows,
  • PhD candidates, post-doctoral research candidates,
  • President’s staff (President, Vice-Presidents, Director of Administration and Finance and their associated assistants), central university administration (Heads of the Divisions), central institutions of the university (heads of groups and institutes).

Other interested parties can publish with ilmedia by special arrangement in individual cases.

Approved publications

The following publications are possible with ilmedia:

  • Scientific papers, reports and other documents (articles, proceedings, research papers etc.)
  • Please note the additional instructions for the dissertations of PhD students, post-doctoral theses and students‘ final theses (Master, Bachelor and Diploma theses) Dissertationen, Habilitationen, studentische Abschlussarbeiten, which have been accepted by their respective departments.
  • Study-related documents for lectures, seminars and other teaching and learning materials, which have been prepared at TU Ilmenau and are permanently placed at the students’ disposal electronically.
  • Picture, sound or video documents (for further questions please contact Dr. A. Meyer).

There is no legal claim.

Documents without long-term significance, i.e. conference or report announcements, references to lectures and courses etc., are not archived. However, the results of these events –as mentioned above - can be published by ilmedia in the Digitale Bibliothek Thüringen (dbt) (Digital Library Thuringia).

The authors or the editors of the electronic documents are responsible for observing copyright compliance and use of third party rights, which must be certified by a declaration of consent submitted with the documents to the University Library.

For unlimited publication of your electronic documents, you need the following:

  1. Registration of the electronic document with the registration form for unlimited publication by ilmedia Anmeldeformular zur unbefristeten Publizierung über ilmedia. You provide the University Library with the most important details of the document when filling out the form. You can also use the form to send the electronic document and a brief summary in txt format where appropriate.
  2. Electronic document in pdf format.
  3. Completed and signed declaration of consent Einverständniserklärung. After completing, printing and signing this, you can send the document to the University Library.

The electronic document is published immediately by the University Library. After publishing the document, you will receive the URL by e-mail giving you direct access to your document.

Retrospective digitization by ilmedia

Additionally to publishing and posting electronic documents, the University Library also offers the opportunity of retrospective digitization of conventionally-published documents, e.g. articles in journals or anthologies. In such a case, the University Library requires a registration form Anmeldeformular, declaration of consent Einverständniserklärung and the article (in copy or original) to be scanned.

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