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Registration for electronic publishing of a final degree thesis

This registration form is required for electronic publishing of your final degree thesis after your exams.

Previous information for the university bibliography is required;
please use this form:
Registration of final degree thesis.

Information on final degree thesis Fields marked with "*" must be filled out completely, as these data are required for publishing your final degree thesis and for possible queries and information.

A : Bibliographic details about the document
Summary and abstract in two plain TXT files (txt, Unicode) as email attachment

B : Details of the examination procedure
Other required information is taken from the already submitted registration for the university bibliography!

C : Details oft the author
A copy of this notification is also sent to this email address, which is required for possible queries and information!
Address and phone numbers are used for possible queries and information!
I agree (optional details)* that my date of birth and the following data are sent to Gemeinsame Normdatei (GND) (Integrated Authority File).

D : Document delivery of the full text

E : Other