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Registration of a dissertation (PhD thesis)

After the academic debate on your dissertation, you have to submit your obligatory copies to the Ilmenau University Library. Prior to the submission, you fill out the following form for the registration of your dissertation. Fields marked with "*" must be filled out completely, as these data are required for publishing your dissertation and for possible queries and information.

Instructions for the submission of an electronic dissertation

After registration you receive a URN (Uniform Resource Name), which must be indicated in both the electronic version and the printed version submitted to the University Library. This URN ensures permanent access to your dissertation.

A: Form of publication
Published in*
I would like to ask for information on publishing a dissertation with the Universitätsverlag Ilmenau*
B: Bibliographic data of the document
Submission of the summary and the abstract as plain text files (txt) by file attachment:
C: Data to the doctorate
For the name of the group, please use the survey published in the university bibliography.
1st Reviewer (supervisor / dissertation advisor)
2nd Reviewer
3rd Reviewer
D: Data about the author
A copy of this notification is also sent to this email address, which is required for possible queries and information.
Address and phone numbers are used for possible queries and information.
I agree (optional details)* that my date of birth and the following data will be sent to Integrated Authority File (GND).
E: Others