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Boeck, Thomas; Sanjari, Seyed Loghman; Becker, Tatiana;
Parametric instability of a magnetic pendulum in the presence of a vibrating conducting plate. - In: Nonlinear dynamics. - Dordrecht [u.a.] : Springer Science + Business Media B.V, ISSN 1573-269X, (2020), insges. 18 S.
- Published: 17 November 2020

A pendulum with an attached permanent magnet swinging in the vicinity of a conductor is a typical experiment for the demonstration of electromagnetic braking and Lenz law of induction. When the conductor itself moves, it can transfer energy to the pendulum. An exact analytical model of such an electromagnetic interaction is possible for a flat conducting plate. The eddy currents induced in the plate by a moving magnetic dipole and the resulting force and torque are known analytically in the quasistatic limit, i.e., when the magnetic diffusivity is sufficiently high to ensure an equilibrium of magnetic field advection and diffusion. This allows us to study a simple pendulum with a magnetic dipole moment in the presence of a horizontal plate oscillating in vertical direction. Equilibrium of the pendulum in the vertical position can be realized in three cases considered, i.e., when the magnetic moment is parallel to the rotation axis, or otherwise, its projection onto the plane of motion is either horizontal or vertical. The stability problem is described by a differential equation of Mathieu type with a damping term. Instability is only possible when the vibration amplitude and the distance between plate and magnet satisfy certain constraints related to the simultaneous excitation and damping effects of the plate. The nonlinear motion is studied numerically for the case when the magnetic moment and rotation axis are parallel. Chaotic behavior is found when the eigenfrequency is sufficiently small compared to the excitation frequency. The plate oscillation typically has a stabilizing effect on the inverted pendulum.
Angermeier, Sebastian; Karcher, Christian;
Model-based condenser fan speed optimization of vapor compression systems. - In: Energies : open-access journal of related scientific research, technology development and studies in policy and management.. - Basel : MDPI, ISSN 1996-1073, Volume 13 (2020), issue 22, 6012, Seite 1-26
Chehreh, Abootorab; Grätzel, Michael; Bergmann, Jean Pierre; Walther, Frank;
Fatigue behavior of conventional and stationary shoulder friction stir welded EN AW-5754 aluminum alloy using load increase method. - In: Metals : open access journal.. - Basel : MDPI, ISSN 2075-4701, Volume 10 (2020), issue 11, 1510, Seite 1-11
Zhang, Chen; Gebhart, Ingo; Kühmstedt, Peter; Rosenberger, Maik; Notni, Gunther;
Enhanced contactless vital sign estimation from real-time multimodal 3D image data. - In: Journal of imaging : open access journal.. - Basel : MDPI, ISSN 2313-433X, Volume 6 (2020), issue 11, 123, Seite 1-15
Glombiewski, Nikolaus; Götze, Philipp; Körber, Michael; Morgen, Andreas; Seeger, Bernhard;
Designing an event store for a modern three-layer storage hierarchy. - In: Datenbank-Spektrum : Zeitschrift für Datenbanktechnologie ; Organ der Fachgruppe Datenbanken der Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V... - Berlin : Springer, ISSN 1610-1995, Bd. 20 (2020), 3, S. 211-222

Event stores face the difficult challenge of continuously ingesting massive temporal data streams while satisfying demanding query and recovery requirements. Many of todays systems deal with multiple hardware-based trade-offs. For instance, long-term storage solutions balance keeping data in cheap secondary media (SSDs, HDDs) and performance-oriented main-memory caches. As an alternative, in-memory systems focus on performance, while sacrificing monetary costs, and, to some degree, recovery guarantees. The advent of persistent memory (PMem) led to a multitude of novel research proposals aiming to alleviate those trade-offs in various fields. So far, however, there is no proposal for a PMem-powered specialized event store.
Xu, Rui; Wen, Liaoyong; Wang, Zhijie; Zhao, Huaping; Mu, Guannan; Zeng, Zhiqiang; Zhou, Min; Bohm, Sebastian; Zhang, Huanming; Wu, Yuhan; Runge, Erich; Lei, Yong;
Programmable multiple plasmonic resonances of nanoparticle superlattice for enhancing photoelectrochemical activity. - In: Advanced functional materials. - Weinheim : Wiley-VCH, ISSN 1616-3028, (2020), 2005170, S. 1-10
- First published: 16 September 2020
Schricker, Klaus; Alhomsi, Mohammad; Bergmann, Jean Pierre;
Thermal efficiency in laser-assisted joining of polymer-metal composites. - In: Materials. - Basel : MDPI, ISSN 1996-1944, Volume 13 (2020), issue 21, 4875, Seite 1-16
Raake, Alexander; Borer, Silvio; Satti, Shahid M.; Gustafsson, Jörgen; Ramachandra Rao, Rakesh Rao; Medagli, Stefano; List, Peter; Göring, Steve; Lindero, David; Robitza, Werner; Heikkilä, Gunnar; Broom, Simon; Schmidmer, Christian; Feiten, Bernhard; Wüstenhagen, Ulf; Wittmann, Thomas; Obermann, Matthias; Bitto, Roland;
Multi-model standard for bitstream-, pixel-based and hybrid video quality assessment of UHD/4K: ITU-T P.1204. - In: IEEE access : practical research, open solutions.. - New York, NY : IEEE, ISSN 2169-3536, Bd. 8 (2020), S. 193020-193049
Eichfelder, Gabriele; Klamroth, Kathrin; Niebling, Julia;
Nonconvex constrained optimization by a filtering branch and bound. - In: Journal of global optimization. - Dordrecht [u.a.] : Springer Science + Business Media B.V, ISSN 1573-2916, (2020), insges. 31 S.
- Published: 15 October 2020

A major difficulty in optimization with nonconvex constraints is to find feasible solutions. As simple examples show, the [alpha]BB-algorithm for single-objective optimization may fail to compute feasible solutions even though this algorithm is a popular method in global optimization. In this work, we introduce a filtering approach motivated by a multiobjective reformulation of the constrained optimization problem. Moreover, the multiobjective reformulation enables to identify the trade-off between constraint satisfaction and objective value which is also reflected in the quality guarantee. Numerical tests validate that we indeed can find feasible and often optimal solutions where the classical single-objective [alpha]BB method fails, i.e., it terminates without ever finding a feasible solution.
Prinz, Sebastian; Thomann, Jana; Eichfelder, Gabriele; Boeck, Thomas; Schumacher, Jörg;
Expensive multi-objective optimization of electromagnetic mixing in a liquid metal. - In: Optimization and engineering. - Dordrecht [u.a.] : Springer Science + Business Media B.V, ISSN 1573-2924, (2020), insges. 25 S.
- Published: 07 October 2020

This paper presents a novel trust-region method for the optimization of multiple expensive functions. We apply this method to a biobjective optimization problem in fluid mechanics, the optimal mixing of particles in a flow in a closed container. The three-dimensional time-dependent flows are driven by Lorentz forces that are generated by an oscillating permanent magnet located underneath the rectangular vessel. The rectangular magnet provides a spatially non-uniform magnetic field that is known analytically. The magnet oscillation creates a steady mean flow (steady streaming) similar to those observed from oscillating rigid bodies. In the optimization problem, randomly distributed mass-less particles are advected by the flow to achieve a homogeneous distribution (objective function 1) while keeping the work done to move the permanent magnet minimal (objective function 2). A single evaluation of these two objective functions may take more than two hours. For that reason, to save computational time, the proposed method uses interpolation models on trust-regions for finding descent directions. We show that, even for our significantly simplified model problem, the mixing patterns vary significantly with the control parameters, which justifies the use of improved optimization techniques and their further development.
Angermeier, Sebastian; Ketterer, Jonas; Karcher, Christian;
Liquid-based battery temperature control of electric buses. - In: Energies : open-access journal of related scientific research, technology development and studies in policy and management.. - Basel : MDPI, ISSN 1996-1073, Volume 13 (2020), issue 19, 4990, Seite 1-20
Solf, Benjamin; Schramm, Stefan; Blum, Maren-Christina; Klee, Sascha;
The influence of the stimulus design on the harmonic components of the steady-state visual evoked potential. - In: Frontiers in human neuroscience. - Lausanne : Frontiers Research Foundation, ISSN 1662-5161, Bd. 14 (2020), 343, S. 1-11
Weidner, Florian; Broll, Wolfgang;
Stereoscopic 3D dashboards : an investigation of performance, workload, and gaze behavior during take-overs in semi-autonomous driving. - In: Personal and ubiquitous computing : PUC.. - London : Springer, ISSN 1617-4917, (2020), insges. 23 S.
- Published: 25 August 2020

When operating a conditionally automated vehicle, humans occasionally have to take over control. If the driver is out of the loop, a certain amount of time is necessary to gain situation awareness. This work evaluates the potential of stereoscopic 3D (S3D) dashboards for presenting smart S3D take-over-requests (TORs) to support situation assessment. In a driving simulator study with a 4 × 2 between-within design, we presented 3 smart TORs showing the current traffic situation and a baseline TOR in 2D and S3D to 52 participants doing the n-back task. We further investigate if non-standard locations affect the results. Take-over performance indicates that participants looked at and processed the TORs' visual information and by that, could perform more safe take-overs. S3D warnings in general, as well as warnings appearing at the participants focus of attention and warnings at the instrument cluster, performed best. We conclude that visual warnings, presented on an S3D dashboard, can be a valid option to support take-over while not increasing workload. We further discuss participants gaze behavior in the context of visual warnings for automotive user interfaces.
Schorr, Philipp; Li, Enrique Roberto Carrillo; Kaufhold, Tobias; Hernández, Jorge Antonio Rodríguez; Zentner, Lena; Zimmermann, Klaus; Böhm, Valter;
Kinematic analysis of a rolling tensegrity structure with spatially curved members. - In: Meccanica. - Dordrecht [u.a.] : Springer Science + Business Media B.V, ISSN 1572-9648, (2020), insges. 9 S.
- Published: 14 July 2020

In this work, a tensegrity structure with spatially curved members is applied as rolling locomotion system. The actuation of the structure allows a variation of the originally cylindrical shape to a conical shape. Moreover, the structure is equipped with internal movable masses to control the position of the center of mass of the structure. To control the locomotion system a reliable actuation strategy is required. Therefore, the kinematics of the system considering the nonholonomic constraints are derived in this paper. Based on the resulting insight in the locomotion behavior a feasible actuation strategy is designed to control the trajectory of the system. To verify this approach kinematic analyses are evaluated numerically. The simulation data confirm the path following due to an appropriate shape change of the tensegrity structure. Thus, this system enables a two-dimensional rolling locomotion.
Lasch, Robert; Oukid, Ismail; Dementiev, Roman; May, Norman; Demirsoy, Suleyman S.; Sattler, Kai-Uwe;
Faster & strong: string dictionary compression using sampling and fast vectorized decompression. - In: The VLDB journal. - Berlin : Springer, ISSN 0949-877X, (2020), insges. 23 S.
- Published: 20 July 2020

String dictionaries constitute a large portion of the memory footprint of database applications. While strong string dictionary compression algorithms exist, these come with impractical access and compression times. Therefore, lightweight algorithms such as front coding (PFC) are favored in practice. This paper endeavors to make strong string dictionary compression practical. We focus on Re-Pair Front Coding (RPFC), a grammar-based compression algorithm, since it consistently offers better compression ratios than other algorithms in the literature. To accelerate compression times, we propose block-based RPFC (BRPFC) which consists in independently compressing small blocks of the dictionary. For further accelerated compression times especially on large string dictionaries, we also propose an alternative version of BRPFC that uses sampling to speed up compression. Moreover, to accelerate access times, we devise a vectorized access method, using Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (Intel® AVX-512). Our experimental evaluation shows that sampled BRPFC offers compression times up to 190 × faster than RPFC, and random string lookups 2.3 × faster than RPFC on average. These results move our modified RPFC into a practical range for use in database systems because the overhead of Re-Pair-based compression for access times can be reduced by 2 ×.
Söllner, Fritz;
[Rezension von: Rindermann, Heiner, 1966-, Cognitive capitalism]. - In: Public choice. - Dordrecht [u.a.] : Springer Science + Business Media B.V., ISSN 1573-7101, (2020), insges. 5 S.

- Published: 31 March 2020
Al-Sayeh, Hani; Hagedorn, Stefan; Sattler, Kai-Uwe;
A gray-box modeling methodology for runtime prediction of Apache Spark jobs. - In: Distributed and parallel databases : an international journal.. - New York, NY [u.a.] : Consultants Bureau, ISSN 1573-7578, Bd. 38 (2020), 4, S. 819-839

Apache Spark jobs are often characterized by processing huge data sets and, therefore, require runtimes in the range of minutes to hours. Thus, being able to predict the runtime of such jobs would be useful not only to know when the job will finish, but also for scheduling purposes, to estimate monetary costs for cloud deployment, or to determine an appropriate cluster configuration, such as the number of nodes. However, predicting Spark job runtimes is much more challenging than for standard database queries: cluster configuration and parameters have a significant performance impact and jobs usually contain a lot of user-defined code making it difficult to estimate cardinalities and execution costs. In this paper, we present a gray-box modeling methodology for runtime prediction of Apache Spark jobs. Our approach comprises two steps: first, a white-box model for predicting the cardinalities of the input RDDs of each operator is built based on prior knowledge about the behavior and application parameters such as applied filters data, number of iterations, etc. In the second step, a black-box model for each task constructed by monitoring runtime metrics while varying allocated resources and input RDD cardinalities is used. We further show how to use this gray-box approach not only for predicting the runtime of a given job, but also as part of a decision model for reusing intermediate cached results of Spark jobs. Our methodology is validated with experimental evaluation showing a highly accurate prediction of the actual job runtime and a performance improvement if intermediate results can be reused.
Stöhr, Annika; Budzinski, Oliver; Jasper, Jörg;
The New E.ON on the German electricity market - competitive impact of the innogy acquisition :
Die Neue E.ON auf dem deutschen Strommarkt - wettbewerbliche Auswirkungen der innogy-Übernahme. - In: List Forum für Wirtschafts- und Finanzpolitik. - [Berlin] : Springer Gabler, ISSN 2364-3943, Bd. 45 (2020), 3, S. 295-317

Der Deal der beiden größten deutschen Energielieferanten RWE und E.ON zum Tausch verschiedener Geschäftseinheiten, welcher Mitte September 2019 genehmigt wurde, wird den deutschen Energiemarkt wesentlich umstrukturieren und sowohl im Bereich Erzeugung als auch im Vertrieb zu jeweils einem dominanten Wettbewerber führen. E.ON wird dabei durch die Übernahme der innogy Geschäfte im Bereich des klassischen Energievertriebs und der Ladeinfrastruktur für Elektrofahrzeuge wesentliche Wettbewerbsvorteile erhalten. Dazu zählt unter anderem der Zugang zu einer Vielzahl an Messstellen und damit Datensätzen im Bereich des Haushalts- und Geschäftskundenvertriebs. Die Auswertung und Nutzung dieser Datensätze eröffnet dem zusammengeschlossenen Unternehmen neue Geschäftsfelder, aber auch Möglichkeiten die dominante Stellung auf dem Markt zu missbrauchen. Dieser Beitrag widmet sich den potenziellen Auswirkungen der innogy-Übernahme durch E.ON in den Bereichen klassischer Vertrieb und EMobilität, in welchen die angesprochenen Aspekte der Datenökonomik eine wesentliche Rolle spielen. Des Weiteren werden die Auswirkungen der Marktumstrukturierung auf den Konzessionsmarkt betrachtet und die politökonomische Dimension des Zusammenschlusses erläutert. Wir schließen mit einer Kurzanalyse der Erlaubnisentscheidung und der damit verbundenen Auflagen und kommen zu dem Schluss, dass diese nicht geeignet sind, die erheblichen anti-kompetitiven Auswirkungen des Zusammenschlusses einzudämmen oder zu verhindern.
Zhang, Chenglin; Xu, Yang; He, Kaiming; Dong, Yulian; Zhao, Huaping; Medenbach, Lukas; Wu, Yuhan; Balducci, Andrea; Hannappel, Thomas; Lei, Yong;
Polyimide@Ketjenblack composite: a porous organic cathode for fast rechargeable potassium-ion batteries. - In: Small. - Weinheim : Wiley-VCH, ISSN 1613-6829, Volume 16 (2020), issue 38, 2002953, Seite 1-8

Potassium-ion batteries (PIBs) configurated by organic electrodes have been identified as a promising alternative to lithium-ion batteries. Here, a porous organic PolyimideKetjenblack is demonstrated in PIBs as a cathode, which exhibits excellent performance with a large reversible capacity (143 mAh g^-1 at 100 mA g^-1), high rate capability (125 and 105 mAh g^-1 at 1000 and 5000 mA g^-1), and long cycling stability (76% capacity retention at 2000 mA g^-1 over 1000 cycles). The domination of fast capacitive-like reaction kinetics is verified, which benefits from the porous structure synthesized using in situ polymerization. Moreover, a renewable and low-cost full cell is demonstrated with superior rate behavior (106 mAh g^-1 at 3200 mA g^-1). This work proposes a strategy to design polymer electrodes for high-performance organic PIBs.
Xu, Rui; Du, Lei; Adekoya, David; Zhang, Gaixia; Zhang, Shanqing; Sun, Shuhui; Lei, Yong;
Well-defined nanostructures for electrochemical energy conversion and storage. - In: Advanced energy materials. - Weinheim : Wiley-VCH, ISSN 1614-6840, (2020), 2001537, insges. 53 S.
- First published: 16 June 2020

Electrochemical energy conversion and storage play crucial roles in meeting the increasing demand for renewable, portable, and affordable power supplies for society. The rapid development of nanostructured materials provides an alternative route by virtue of their unique and promising effects emerging at nanoscale. In addition to finding advanced materials, structure design and engineering of electrodes improves the electrochemical performance and the resultant commercial competitivity. Regarding the structural engineering, controlling the geometrical parameters (i.e., size, shape, hetero-architecture, and spatial arrangement) of nanostructures and thus forming well-defined nanostructure (WDN) electrodes have been the central aspects of investigations and practical applications. This review discusses the fundamental aspects and concept of WDNs for energy conversion and storage, with a strong emphasis on illuminating the relationship between the structural characteristics and the resultant electrochemical superiorities. Key strategies for actualizing well-defined features in nanostructures are summarized. Electrocatalysis and photoelectrocatalysis (for energy conversion) as well as metal-ion batteries and supercapacitors (for energy storage) are selected to illustrate the superiorities of WDNs in electrochemical reactions and charge carrier transportation. Finally, conclusions and perspectives regarding future research, development, and applications of WDNs are discussed.
Schweser, Thomas; Stiebitz, Michael;
Partitions of hypergraphs under variable degeneracy constraints. - In: Journal of graph theory. - New York, NY [u.a.] : Wiley, ISSN 1097-0118, (2020), S. 1-27
- First published: 05 May 2020
Gruia, Violeta-Tincuta; Ispas, Adriana; Efimov, Igor; Bund, Andreas;
Cation exchange behavior during the redox switching of poly (3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) films. - In: Journal of solid state electrochemistry : current research and development in science and technology.. - Berlin : Springer, ISSN 1433-0768, Bd. 24 (2020), 11/12, S. 3231-3244

Poly (3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene), PEDOT, films were synthesized at room temperature by potentiodynamic and potentiostatic step deposition in aqueous solutions containing EDOT monomer and LiClO4. In some solutions, the effect of small amounts of sodium dodecylsulfate, SDS, on the polymerization rate of EDOT and on the stiffness of the obtained PEDOT film was studied. The obtained PEDOT films were transferred in aqueous solutions containing cations with different molar mass, such as H+, Li+, Na+, K+, and Cs+. The apparent molar masses of the exchanged species during potentiodynamic experiments were determined by in situ microgravimetry. These measurements underlined the importance of the electrolyte chosen for electropolymerization process. It is known that SDS anions can be trapped inside the polymer layer during electropolymerization, providing them with a cation exchange behavior. However, even if the PEDOT films were deposited from an electrolyte without SDS, they still acted as cation exchangers.
Semper, Sebastian; Döbereiner, Michael; Pawar, Sankalp; Landmann, Markus; Del Galdo, Giovanni;
eadf: representation of far-field antenna responses in Python. - In: SoftwareX. - Amsterdam [u.a.] : Elsevier, ISSN 2352-7110, Bd. 12 (2020), 100583, S. 1-6
Song, Xinya; Cai, Hui; Jiang, Teng; Sennewald, Tom; Kircheis, Jan; Schlegel, Steffen; Noris, L.; Benzetta, Y.; Westermann, Dirk;
Research on performance of real-time simulation based on inverter-dominated power grid. - In: IEEE access. - New York, NY : IEEE, ISSN 2169-3536, Bd. 8 (2020), insges. 17 S.
- Early Access
Kuznietsova, Halyna; Dziubenko, Natalia; Herheliuk, Tetiana; Prylutskyy, Yuriy; Täuscher, Eric; Ritter, Uwe; Scharff, Peter;
Water-soluble pristine C60 fullerene inhibits liver alterations associated with hepatocellular carcinoma in rat. - In: Pharmaceutics. - Basel : MDPI, ISSN 1999-4923, Volume 12 (2020), issue 9, 794, Seite 1-20
- Richtiger Name des Verfassers: Eric Täuscher
Schweitzer, Dietrich; Haueisen, Jens; Brauer, Jakob Lauritz; Hammer, Martin; Klemm, Matthias;
Comparison of algorithms to suppress artifacts from the natural lens in fluorescence lifetime imaging ophthalmoscopy (FLIO). - In: Biomedical optics express. - Washington, DC : OSA, ISSN 2156-7085, Bd. 11 (2020), 10, S. 5586-5602
Schricker, Klaus; Ganß, Martin; Könke, Carsten; Bergmann, Jean Pierre;
Feasibility study of using integrated fiber optical sensors to monitor laser-assisted metal-polymer joining. - In: Welding in the world : the international journal of materials joining.. - Berlin : Springer, ISSN 1878-6669, Bd. 64 (2020), 9, S. 1565-1578

The possibilities and challenges of using fiber optical sensors to monitor the laser-assisted joining of metal-polymer joints have been described in this article. Fundamental investigation proves the basic suitability of the measuring method for this application and studies the effect of essential influencing variables of the joining process - e.g., the clamping force - on the resulting sensor signals. In addition, the strain state (because of the process temperature and shrinkage of the polymer) of the parts to be joined can be traced as a function of the joining partners, the process parameters, and the material thicknesses. It is shown that the fiber optical method is suitable for process monitoring directly in the joining zone of metal-polymer hybrids and providing a tool for detailed strain measurements in the joint zone during subsequent component testing.
Köhler, Michael; Beetz, Nancy; Günther, Mike; Möller, Frances; Schüler, Tim; Cao, Jialan;
Microbial community types and signature-like soil bacterial patterns from fortified prehistoric hills of Thuringia (Germany). - In: Community ecology : CE ; interdisciplinary journal reporting progress in community and population studies.. - Budapest : Akadémiai Kiadó, ISSN 1588-2756, Bd. 21 (2020), 2, S. 107-120

16S rRNA profiling has been applied for the investigation of bacterial communities of surface soil samples from forest-covered areas of ten prehistorical ramparts from different parts of Thuringia. Besides the majority bacterial types that are present in all samples, there could be identified bacteria that are highly abundant in some places and absent or low abundant in others. These differences are mainly related to the acidity of substrate and distinguish the communities of lime stone hills from soils of sand/quartzite and basalt hills. Minority components of bacterial communities show partially large differences that cannot be explained by the pH of the soil or incidental effects, only. They reflect certain relations between the communities of different places and could be regarded as a kind of signature-like patterns. Such relations had also been found in a comparison of the data from ramparts with formerly studied 16S rRNA profiling from an iron-age burial field. The observations are supporting the idea that a part of the components of bacterial communities from soil samples reflect their ecological history and can be understood as the "ecological memory" of a place. Probably such memory effects can date back to prehistoric times and might assist in future interpretations of archaeological findings on the prehistoric use of a place, on the one hand. On the other hand, the genetic profiling of soils of prehistoric places contributes to the evaluation of anthropogenic effects on the development of local soil bacterial diversity.
Halm, Cynthia; Otto, Andreas; Stark, Tilman; Schaaf, Peter;
Ultrasonic excitation during press-fit joining of electrical contacts. - In: The international journal of advanced manufacturing technology. - London : Springer, ISSN 1433-3015, Bd. 109 (2020), 7/8, S. 2215-2220
Budzinski, Oliver; Grebel, Thomas; Wolling, Jens; Zhang, Xijie;
Drivers of article processing charges in open access. - In: Scientometrics : an international journal for all quantitative aspects of the science of science, communication in science and science policy.. - Dordrecht [u.a.] : Springer Science + Business Media B.V., ISSN 1588-2861, Bd. 124 (2020), 3, S. 2185-2206
Döring, Nicola;
How is the COVID-19 pandemic affecting our sexualities? An overview of the current media narratives and research hypotheses. - In: Archives of sexual behavior : the official publication of the International Academy of Sex Research.. - Dordrecht [u.a.] : Springer Science + Business Media B.V, ISSN 1573-2800, Bd. 49 (2020), 8, S. 2765-2778
Döring, Nicola; Mohseni, Rohangis; Walter, Roberto;
Design, use, and effects of sex dolls and sex robots: scoping review. - In: Journal of medical internet research : international scientific journal for medical research, information and communication on the internet ; JMIR.. - Richmond, Va. : Healthcare World, ISSN 1438-8871, Vol. 22 (2020), no. 7, e18551, p. 1-28
Jaziri, Nesrine; Boughamoura, Ayda; Müller, Jens; Mezghani, Brahim; Tounsi, Fares; Ismail, Mohammed;
A comprehensive review of thermoelectric generators: technologies and common applications. - In: Energy reports. - Amsterdam [u.a.] : Elsevier, ISSN 2352-4847, (2020), insges. 24 S.
- In Press, Corrected Proof
Damanik, Ferdinandus Sarjanadi; Lange, Günther;
Influence of MWCNT coated nickel on the foaming behavior of MWCNT coated nickel reinforced AlMg4Si8 foam by powder metallurgy process. - In: Metals : open access journal.. - Basel : MDPI, ISSN 2075-4701, Volume 10 (2020), issue 7, 955, Seite 1-9

This research studies the effect of multi-wall carbon nanotube (MWCNT) coated nickel to foaming time on the foam expansion and the distribution of pore sizes MWCNT reinforced AlMg4Si8 foam composite by powder metallurgy process. To control interface reactivity and wettability between MWCNT and the metal matrix, nickel coating is carried out on the MWCNT surface. Significantly, different foaming behavior of the MWCNT coated nickel reinforced AlMg4Si8 was studied with a foaming time variation of 8 and 9 min. Digital images generated by the imaging system are used with the MATLAB R2017a algorithm to determine the porosity of the surface and the pore area of aluminum foam efficiently. The results can have important implications for processing MWCNT coated nickel reinforced aluminum alloy composites.
Wang, Hongmei; Xiong, Jie; Cheng, Xing; Chen, Ge; Kups, Thomas; Wang, Dong; Schaaf, Peter;
Hydrogen-nitrogen plasma assisted synthesis of titanium dioxide with enhanced performance as anode for sodium ion batteries. - In: Scientific reports. - [London] : Macmillan Publishers Limited, part of Springer Nature, ISSN 2045-2322, Bd. 10 (2020), 11817, S. 1-12
Blum, Maren-Christina; Hunold, Alexander; Solf, Benjamin; Klee, Sascha;
The effects of an ocular direct electrical stimulation on pattern-reversal electroretinogram. - In: Frontiers in neuroscience. - Lausanne : Frontiers Research Foundation, ISSN 1662-453X, Bd. 14 (2020), 588, S. 1-9
Pezoldt, Jörg; Cimalla, Volker;
Imprinting the polytype structure of silicon carbide by rapid thermal processing. - In: Crystals : open access journal.. - Basel : MDPI, ISSN 2073-4352, Volume 10 (2020), issue 6, 523, 21 Seiten
Du Puits, Ronald; Bruecker, Christoph;
Fluctuations of the wall shear stress vector in a large-scale natural convection cell. - In: AIP Advances. - New York, NY : American Inst. of Physics, ISSN 2158-3226, Bd. 10 (2020), 7, S. 075105-1-075105-10
Gierth, Maximilian; Henckell, Philipp; Ali, Yarop; Scholl, Jonas; Bergmann, Jean Pierre;
Wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) of aluminium alloy AlMg5Mn with energy-reduced gas metal arc welding (GMAW). - In: Materials. - Basel : MDPI, ISSN 1996-1944, Volume 13 (2020), issue 12, 2671, Seite 1-22
Cao, Jialan; Richter, Felix; Kastl, Michael; Erdmann, Jonny; Burgold, Christian; Dittrich, David; Schneider, Steffen; Köhler, Michael; Groß, Gregor Alexander;
Droplet-based screening for the investigation of microbial nonlinear dose-response characteristics system, background, and examples. - In: Micromachines. - Basel : MDPI, ISSN 2072-666X, Volume 11 (2020), issue 6, 577, 19 Seiten
Cretu, Andrea; Mattea, Carlos; Stapf, Siegfried; Ardelean, Ioan;
The effect of silica fume and organosilane addition on the porosity of cement paste. - In: Molecules : a journal of synthetic chemistry and natural product chemistry.. - Basel : MDPI, ISSN 1420-3049, Volume 25 (2020), issue 8, 1762, Seite 1-9
Henckell, Philipp; Gierth, Maximilian; Ali, Yarop; Reimann, Ralf; Bergmann, Jean Pierre;
Reduction of energy input in wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) with gas metal arc welding (GMAW). - In: Materials. - Basel : MDPI, ISSN 1996-1944, Volume 13 (2020), issue 11, 2491, Seite 1-18
Dutz, Silvio; Buske, Norbert; Landers, Joachim; Gräfe, Christine; Wende, Heiko; Clement, Joachim H.;
Biocompatible magnetic fluids of Co-doped iron oxide nanoparticles with tunable magnetic properties. - In: Nanomaterials : open access journal.. - Basel : MDPI, ISSN 2079-4991, Volume 10 (2020), issue 6, 1019, Seite 1-19
Kielpinski, Mark; Walther, Oliver; Cao, Jialan; Henkel, Thomas; Köhler, Michael; Groß, Gregor Alexander;
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This study presents an investigation regarding the applicability of neural networks for temperature measurements using thermochromic liquid crystals (TLCs) and discusses advantages as well as disadvantages of common calibration approaches. For the characterization of the measurement technique, the dependency of the color of the TLCs on the temperature as well as on the observation angle and, therefore, on the position within the field of view of a color camera is analyzed in detail. In order to consider the influence of the position within the field of view on the color, neural networks are applied for the calibration of the temperature measurements. In particular, the focus of this study is on analysis of the error of temperature measurement for different network configurations as well as training methods, yielding a mean absolute deviation and a mean standard deviation in the range of 0.1 K for instantaneous measurements. On the basis of a comparison of this standard deviation to that of two further calibration approaches, it is shown that neural networks are suited for temperature measurements via the color of TLCs. Finally, the applicability of this measurement technique is illustrated at an exemplary temperature measurement in a horizontal plane of a Rayleigh-Bénard cell with large aspect ratio, which clearly shows the emergence of convective flow patterns by means of the temperature field.
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In nature, there are several examples of sophisticated sensory systems to sense flows, e.g., the vibrissae of mammals. Seals can detect the flow of their prey, and rats are able to perceive the flow of surrounding air. The vibrissae are arranged around muzzle of an animal. A vibrissa consists of two major components: a shaft (infector) and a follicle-sinus complex (receptor), whereby the base of the shaft is supported by the follicle-sinus complex. The vibrissa shaft collects and transmits stimuli, e.g., flows, while the follicle-sinus complex transduces them for further processing. Beside detecting flows, the animals can also recognize the size of an object or determine the surface texture. Here, the combination of these functionalities in a single sensory system serves as paragon for artificial tactile sensors. The detection of flows becomes important regarding the measurement of flow characteristics, e.g., velocity, as well as the influence of the sensor during the scanning of objects. These aspects are closely related to each other, but, how can the characteristics of flow be represented by the signals at the base of a vibrissa shaft or by an artificial vibrissa-like sensor respectively? In this work, the structure of a natural vibrissa shaft is simplified to a slender, cylindrical/tapered elastic beam. The model is analyzed in simulation and experiment in order to identify the necessary observables to evaluate flows based on the quasi-static large deflection of the sensor shaft inside a steady, non-uniform, laminar, in-compressible flow.
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A compliant mechanism gains its mobility fully or partially from the compliance of its elastically deformable parts rather than from conventional joints. Due to many advantages, in particular the smooth and repeatable motion, monolithic mechanisms with notch flexure hinges are state of the art in numerous precision engineering applications with required positioning accuracies in the low micrometer range. However, the deformation and especially motion behavior are complex and depend on the notch geometry. This complicates both the accurate modeling and purposeful design. Therefore, the chapter provides a survey of different methods for the general and simplified modeling of the elasto-kinematic properties of flexure hinges and compliant mechanisms for four hinge contours. Based on non-linear analytical calculations and FEM simulations, several guidelines like design graphs, design equations, design tools or a geometric scaling approach are presented. The obtained results are analytically and simulatively verified and show a good correlation. Using the example of a path-generating mechanism, it will be demonstrated that the suggested angle-based method for synthesizing a compliant mechanism with individually shaped hinges can be used to design high-precise and large-stroke compliant mechanisms. The approaches can be used for the accelerated synthesis of planar and spatial flexure hinge-based compliant mechanisms.
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A novel computational design tool to calculate the elasto-kinematic flexure hinge properties is presented. Four hinge contours are implemented. It is shown, that FEM results correlate well with the analytical design tool results. For a given deflection angle of 10˚ and a corner-filleted contour, the deviations of the bending stiffness are between 0.1 % and 9.4 %. The design tool can be beneficial for the accelerated and systematic synthesis of compliant mechanisms with optimized flexure hinges.
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Gold nanosponges, or nanoporous gold nanoparticles, possess a percolated nanoporous structure over the entire nanoparticles. The optical and plasmonic properties of gold nanosponges and its related hybrid nanosponges are very fascinating due to the unique structural feature, and are controllable and tuneable in a large scope by changing the structural parameters like pore/ligament size, porosity, particle size, particles form, and hybrid structure. The nanosponges show the strong polarization dependence and multiple resonances behavior. Besides, the nanosponges exhibit a significantly higher local field enhancement than the solid nanoparticles. Strong nonlinear optical properties are confirmed by their high-order photoemission behavior, whereby long-lived plasmon modes are also clearly observed. All this is very important and relevant for the applications in enhanced Raman scattering, fluorescence manipulation, sensing, and nonlinear photonics.
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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is of increasing importance for the long-term success of corporations. Extending existing literature this paper explores corporate identity as important determinant for CSR disclosure. The relationship was examined based on 498 German companies that provided English language CSR reports and responded to a company survey measuring CSR-oriented corporate identity. CSR disclosure has been analyzed with an automated content analysis technique using artificial intelligence. Results indicate that value chain and future-oriented dimensions, which were more pronounced in mature CSR concepts, foster CSR disclosure, while introversive corporate identity dimensions that were strong in low level CSR concepts hinder the release of CSR information. The paper shows that a tradition of social responsibility and values results into a low perceived need for legitimacy and outwards communication. The findings support the view that that a combination of voluntary disclosure theory and legitimacy theory is necessary to explain the drivers and constraints of CSR disclosure.
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This paper posits that the concept of European identity is an important indicator of the legitimacy of the European Union (EU). It further assumes that the exposure to EU related media content can influence the feeling of European identity. In order to verify this assumption, we combined the mere-exposure-theory and the hostile media phenomenon. We assume that these theoretical concepts could help to understand the influence of media on peoples levels of attachment to the EU. Regression analyses are performed on secondary data that were collected in a Eurobarometer survey in 2013. Our findings revealed that media exposure affected the respondents' identification with Europe, as well as the modifications of this effect based on their assessments of EU media coverage. The results of the current study not only validate assumptions about the mere-exposure effects on identity but also confirm the theoretical assumption that perceived hostility reduces such effects, whereas exposure to information that is perceived as neutral promotes the effects of media exposure on the feeling of European identity.
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Notch flexure hinges are often used as revolute joints in high-precise compliant mechanisms, but their contour-dependent deformation and motion behaviour is currently difficult to predict. This paper presents general design equations for the calculation of the rotational stiffness, maximal angular elastic deflection and rotational precision of various notch flexure hinges in dependence of the geometric hinge parameters. The novel equations are obtained on the basis of a non-linear analytical model for a moment and a transverse force loaded beam with a variable contour height. Four flexure hinge contours are investigated, the semi-circular, the corner-filleted, the elliptical, and the recently introduced bi-quadratic polynomial contour. Depending on the contour, the error of the calculated results is in the range of less than 2 % to less than 16 % for the suggested parameter range compared with the analytical solution. Finite elements method (FEM) and experimental results correlate well with the predictions based on the comparatively simple and concise design equations.
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Laser-based joining of thermoplastics to metals shows a great potential for functional design especially in terms of lightweight constructions. In the joining process, the joining speed and the energy per unit length, respectively, show an influence on time-temperature profiles measured in the joining zone. The time-temperature profile affects the joining zone and consequently the joint behavior in mechanical testing. In the current investigation, the joining zone was characterized by the melting layer. Moreover, the mechanical properties of the joint by tensile shear testing and the fracture mode were investigated. Based on the results obtained, three sets of joining speeds/energies per unit length with different mechanical behaviors were selected for further investigations under varied ambient conditions. Thereby, the influence of outdoor weathering as well as aging above the glass transition temperature of the plastic part on the joints performance was compared with the nonaged joints.
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Goal of this paper is to develop a meta-model, which provides the basis for developing highly scalable artificial intelligence systems that should be able to make autonomously decisions based on different dynamic and specific influences. An artificial neural network builds the entry point for developing a multi-layered human readable model that serves as knowledge base and can be used for further investigations in deductive and inductive reasoning. A graph-theoretical consideration gives a detailed view into the model structure. In addition to it the model is introduced using the example of large software development projects. The integration of Constraints and Deductive Reasoning Element Pruning are illustrated, which are required for executing deductive reasoning efficiently.
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States and international organizations have compiled lists of a great variety of terrorist groups. The current European Union list includes 44 entities. This study analyzes the underlying motives of the terrorist organizations named in this list. In order to understand the groups' motivations and consequently be able to advise on methods of countering them with communication strategies, we employ a three-item typology provided by Waldmann (2001). The results show that only five of the 44 groups were religiously motivated to commit terrorism. Most of the groups (n=20) had nationalist-separatist motives, and 19 groups displayed social-revolutionary motives. Based on the respective motives, differing counter-terrorism strategies are proposed, e.g., developing rhetorical counter-narratives that address and reduce the groups' motivational and identity-generating characteristics.
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- This article is an extended and modified version of a paper presented at the International Conference on Remote Engineering & Virtual Instrumentation (REV2015), held in Bangkok, Thailand, 25 - 28 February 2015.
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