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The term "Industrial Electronics" refers to systems engineering as a whole, consisting of electrical hardware and software components. In connection with specific process parameters they provide the basis for the realisation of industrial manufacturing technology, handling and processing technology. Examples are:

  • interconnecting technologies (welding, soldering, bonding, splicing)
  • finishing technologies (heating, annealing, surface processing)
  • process technologies in the area of semi-conductor production (plasma, diffusion, epitaxy, implantation, annealing, radiation)
  • diagnostics technologies (radiograph, ultrasonic sound)
  • supporting processes (robotics, handling, positioning).

On the basis of increasing complexity and specialisation of the manufacturing technologies and processes as well as the demand on a more efficient use of energy, industrial electronics has developed to an independent, interdisciplinary field of research, which has grown rapidly with high potential for the future.