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Häfner, Stephan; Dürr, André; Waldschmidt, Christian; Thomä, Reiner;
Mitigation of RF impairments of a 160-GHz MMIC FMCW radar using model-based estimation. - In: IEEE transactions on microwave theory and techniques : MTT ; a publication of the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society.. - New York, NY : IEEE, Bd. 68 (2020), 3, S. 1065-1073
Milanezi Junior, Jayme; Costa, João Paulo Carvalho Lustosa da; Garcez, Caio C. R.; Albuquerque, Robson de Oliveira; Arancibia Moreno, Arnaldo Mario; Weichenberger, Lothar; Lopes de Mendon¸ca, Fábio Lucio; Del Galdo, Giovanni; De Sousa Júnior, Rafael T.;
Data security and trading framework for smart grids in neighborhood area networks. - In: Sensors. - Basel : MDPI, ISSN 1424-8220, Volume 20 (2020), issue 5, 1337, Seite 1-25
Ardah, Khaled; Fodor, Gábor; Silva, Yuri Carvalho Barbosa; Freitas, Walter C.; Almeida, André L.F.;
Hybrid analog-digital beamforming design for SE and EE maximization in massive MIMO networks. - In: IEEE transactions on vehicular technology : a publication of the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society.. - New York, NY : IEEE, ISSN 1939-9359, Bd. 69 (2020), 1, S. 377-389
He, Ruisi; Ai, Bo; Wang, Gongpu; Zhong, Zhangdui; Schneider, Christian; Dupleich, Diego A.; Thomä, Reiner; Boban, Mate; Luo, Jian; Zhang, Yunyong;
Propagation channels of 5G millimeter-wave vehicle-to-vehicle communications: recent advances and future challenges. - In: IEEE Vehicular technology magazine. - New York, NY : IEEE, Bd. 15 (2020), 1, S. 16-26
Beuster, Niklas; Ihlow, Alexander; Blau, Kurt; Trabert, Johannes F.; Andrich, Carsten; Bauer, Julia; Del Galdo, Giovanni;
UHF RFID tag response measurements using a do-it-yourself platform and components off-the-shelf. - In: IEEE journal of radio frequency identification. - New York, NY : IEEE, ISSN 2469-7281, Bd. 4 (2020), 1, S. 65-72
Ziolkowski, Marek; Otterbach, Jan Marc; Schmidt, Reinhard; Brauer, Hartmut; Töpfer, Hannes;
Numerical simulations of portable systems for motion-induced eddy-current testing. - In: IEEE transactions on magnetics : a publication of the IEEE Magnetics Society.. - New York, NY : IEEE, ISSN 1941-0069, Bd. 56 (2020), 1, S. 7502204, insges. 4 S.
Krey, Maximilian; Hähnlein, Bernd; Tonisch, Katja; Krischok, Stefan; Töpfer, Hannes;
Automated parameter extraction of ScAlN MEMS devices using an extended Euler-Bernoulli beam theory. - In: Sensors. - Basel : MDPI, ISSN 1424-8220, Volume 20 (2020), issue 4, 1001, Seite 1-19
Weise, Konstantin; Numssen, Ole; Thielscher, Axel; Hartwigsen, Gesa; Knösche, Thomas R.;
A novel approach to localize cortical TMS effects. - In: NeuroImage : a journal of brain function.. - Orlando, Fla. : Academic Press, ISSN 1095-9572, Bd. 209 (2020), 116486, S. 1-17
Sokal, Bruno; Almeida, André L.F.; Haardt, Martin;
Semi-blind receivers for MIMO multi-relaying systems via rank-one tensor approximations. - In: Signal processing : a European journal devoted to the methods and applications of signal processing.. - Amsterdam [u.a.] : Elsevier, Volume 166 (2020), 107254, Seite 1-13
Sousa, Marcelo N.; deCardoso, Rafael L.; Melo, Henrique S.; Parente, José W. C.; Thomä, Reiner;
Machine learning and multipath fingerprints for emitter localization in urban scenario. - In: Developments and advances in defense and security : proceedings of MICRADS 2019.. - Singapore : Springer, (2020), S. 217-230