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Research areas

The research of the Institute focuses on current challenges in information technology and communications, applying a holistic view from the physical layer to the application layer. The fields of ongoing research are by definition interdisciplinary and subject to dynamic developments. 

The Institute provides substantial contributions to the master plan of research at Ilmenau University of Technology, especially in the areas "Intelligent, IT-based Media- and Communication-Systems". The research focus "Mobile Communications", for instance, is conducted by the InIT in co-operation with partners from Media Technology and Computer Science. Further activities are associated with the research clusters "Micro- and Nanosystems" and "Engineering Systems Technology".

The institutes carrying the research focus "Mobile Communications" acquire a substantial part of the University's overall public and industrial R&D funding budget. Well respected results, knowhow and experience of the InIT stem from radio technology, especially antennas, propagation, hardware concepts, signal processing, and electronic measurements.

Beyond mobile communications, the Institute has a sound reservoire to establish upcoming research foci, including microwave engineering, sensing, numerical field computation, signal and image processing, as well as digital broadcasting.

More details about the ongoing R&D-projects of the institute can be found on the internet sites of the constituting research laboratories.

The research competences of our Institute are further illustrated on this site in terms of our equipment and infrastructure, and our contributions to the International Graduate School on Mobile Communications.

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