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Video Systems Technology

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Raake


Content of the Lectures:

Interfaces, MPEG Standards, Protocols, IPTV, Display Technology, Virtual Studio, UHD, HDR, Tone mapping, Post production, Scene analysis, 3D video (Geometry aspects, depth-based image rendering), Motion capture  and effects, 360° video, Video VR

Exercises and seminar topics:

UHD, HDR, Tone mapping, Color grading, Post production, Scene analysis, Virtual Studio, 3D video

Grading scheme ("alternative Prüfungsleistung" / alternative performance evaluation scheme):

Written Exam (90 min)

  • 60% of total points. Must be passed to pass entire course (min 50% of exam points)

Group Projects

  • Programming and analysis work regarding 360° video
  • 40% of total points (min 50% of practical project points required to pass!)
  • 3 Milestone presentations (1st in lect., 2nd during exercise, 3rd as poster session in lect.)

Estimated Effort

Point system: 5 CP --> 30h*5 = 150h student investment

  • Course participation: 1.5h/week*15 weeks = appr. 23h
  • Exam preparation: 1 week, 8h à day --> 8*5h = 40h
  • Seminar talk preparation: 30h
  • Practical work: 57h, consisting of 15*1.5h presence in exercises --> 23h plus 34h individual work

Note: Exam will contain aspects of practical work and seminar talks

Summer Term 2019


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Raake

– 1 sheet/event à Tuesdays, 13.00 - 14.30, Sr H 1520b (dates cf. Moodle2)   
– First date: Tuesday 2th, 2019 à Group Projects

The inscription for the VST course (practical work) ends 16th of April 2019 (announce your participation at latest at the exercise on 16th of April 1pm).