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Video Systems Technology

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Raake


Content of the Lectures:

Interfaces, MPEG Standards, Protocols, IPTV, Display Technology, Virtual Studio, UHD, HDR, Tone mapping, Post production, Scene analysis, 3D video (Geometry aspects, depth-based image rendering), Motion capture  and effects, 360° video, Video VR

Exercises and seminar topics:

UHD, HDR, Tone mapping, Color grading, Post production, Scene analysis, Virtual Studio, 3D video

Grading scheme ("alternative Prüfungsleistung" / alternative performance evaluation scheme):

Written Exam (90 min)

  • 60% of total points. Must be passed to pass entire course (min 50% of exam points)

Group Projects

  • Programming and analysis work regarding 360° video
  • 40% of total points (min 50% of practical project points required to pass!)
  • 3 Milestone presentations (1st in lect., 2nd during exercise, 3rd as poster session in lect.)

Estimated Effort

Point system: 5 CP --> 30h*5 = 150h student investment

  • Course participation: 1.5h/week*15 weeks = appr. 23h
  • Exam preparation: 1 week, 8h à day --> 8*5h = 40h
  • Seminar talk preparation: 30h
  • Practical work: 57h, consisting of 15*1.5h presence in exercises --> 23h plus 34h individual work

Note: Exam will contain aspects of practical work and seminar talks

Summer Term 2020

Online course

Until further notice, the course will be offered as an online course. Please enroll in the Moodle course!


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Raake