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The Technische Unversität Ilmenau is one of the first to give instruction in media technology, offering the degree program Media Technology since 1996. Whoever is fascinated by media and technology or wants to create something new or improve existing areas, you are in the right place here.

Media technology is in step with our time, offering great variety. 97% of our graduates begin careers in business or as doctoral candidates working in diverse areas. Our students of Media Technology enjoy a personal atmosphere in which they acquire insight into all media areas and develop their own projects in research and industry. Studying Media Technologie

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Dr. Eckhardt Schön
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What is Media Technology?

Media Technology deals with devices, signals, procedures and processes for electronic media and addresses technologies in the areas of automobiles, photography, video, animation, and the internet. Its content consists of:

Media Technology | Media Computer Science | Media Engineering | Media Design | Media Economics | Media Science.

The variety and interdisciplinary approach of Media Technology is reflected in diverse areas of work in media and industry branches:

Media Technology is closely associated with the concepts of computer Science communication | art as well as classical media products like film | television and radio .

Further concentrations are in audio and video technology, virtual reality, internet, multimedia, lighting engineering, interactive television, computer animation, image processing and usability engineering.

Contents of the Degree Program

The degree program for Media Technology provides students with interdisciplinary media competency based on foundational technical knowledge. This degree program is unique in that it combines acquired knowledge, skills, and practical abilities in the areas of:

  • Elektronic media
  • Elektrical Engineering and Information Technology
  • Computer Science
  • Socio-cultural and economic aspects and
  • Media-practical training.

Media Technology is divided into a bachelor and a master's degree program. The bachelor program uses seven semesters to provide general media competency based on foundational knowledge of engineering science and practical computer science, methods for independent research as well as foundational knowledge of media, business, and law studies.

The Master’s Program (3 semesters) builds directly on the bachelor program in Media Technology or in a related degree program and offers a wide spectrum of modules easily combined to deepen knowledge and skills.

Career Perspectives

the TU Ilmenau and currently enjoy the best perspectives in the job market. In particular, the multidisciplinary design of the program, as well as the connection of comprehensive media competency, scientific-technical understanding and social skills open various possibilities for application and make media technologists attractive for business and society as well as for teaching and research.

The spectrum of ways to begin and areas to work it is wide and diverse.

Research | Conception | Development | Production Management | Technical Leadership | Media Counseling

Every fifth graduate starts their own business or continues to lead a business they started during their studies.

Best Career Perspectives for Media Technology