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The offer on theses (Bachelor's and master's thesis) and media projects can be found in the database "Themen für Abschluss- und Projektarbeiten" of the IMT.

You will find the complete range of currently available final theses (Bachelor's and Master's theses) and Media Projects of the Institute for Media Technology in the database "Topics for final and project work" of the IMT.

Current offers of the AVT lab can be found on the corresponding subpages:

Bachelor theses

Master Theses

Media Projects

Here you will also find hints for the start of a thesis.

Previous thesis

Look under this item in the left-hand menu!

You can find out the topics that have been dealt with so far in the AVT lab. The abstracts are retrieved from the database of the University Library and are available in German and English (link at the end of the German abstract).