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Laboratories and computer labs of the Institute of Media Technology

Audio Lab

The listening laboratory is an essential laboratory for the acoustic measurement, reproduction, and quality evaluation of audio. It serves to examine the creation of a plausible auditory illusion. It is used to make the perceived quality of augmented and virtual environments (see AR/VR) measurable. For this purpose, the laboratory is equipped with special room acoustics in accordance with the room acoustics requirements of the ITU-R BS.1116-3 standard. It offers the possibility to set up a multi-channel and freely configurable speaker setup (e.g. up to 22.2 channels) for playback and multi-channel microphone setups for recording. The listener can be tracked by pose and position tracking in the listening room. Furthermore, a 4k and High Dynamic Range video projection is currently under construction. Next to the listening room there is a control room for controlling the laboratory.