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Laboratories and computer labs of the Institute of Media Technology

Video Studio Media Lab II

The redesign of media lab II was one of the most extensive projects of the last years. It now contains, besides the extended virtual studio, a completely new conventional studio. While the conventional studio works mainly with real settings, the virtual studio produces TV programmes combining real and computer generated worlds. With shared video direction for both sections, the studio space of 180m² with now five camera units can be used flexibly. The separate audio direction with a speaker’s booth allows high quality audio production as well as post audio editing of existing video material. The number of installed headlights has been quadrupled to 80. The video direction also matches professional requirements after the renewal of the video desk and the extension of the video wall.

An important aspect of the renovation was the transition towards IT based tapeless TV productions as it is, step by step, being introduced into professional studios now. Students get the chance to familiarize themselves with the latest recording and processing technology.

Details on the media lab II

Video recording hall with conventional and virtual studio
Video direction in media lab II
Audio direction in media lab II