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Kick-off Meeting of the EU-funded research project ANDREA

On January 29th 2014 the Kick-off Meeting and thus the symbolic start of the research project ANDREA – Active Nanocoated DRy electrode for Eeg Applications took place.

Participants of the ANDREA-Kick-off meeting (left to right): Dr. Sampsa Vanhatalo, Prof. Jens Haueisen, Dr. Frank Zanow, Prof. Silvia Comani, Dr. Samuele Marcora, Dr. Lucia Velluto, Patrique Fiedler, Prof. Carlos Fonseca, Prof. Filipe Vaz, Dr. Maurizio Bertollo

Preliminary to the ANT Neuromeeting 2014 the Kick-Off meeting of the project ANDREA took place in Beaune (France). The project is funded by the European Union from 2014 to 2017 and aims to investigate and develop systems for dry EEG acquisition in clinical and non-clinical fields of application. An important basis for the success of ANDREA is the intersectoral nature of the transfer of knowledge between the two industrial and three academic cooperation partners from Italy, Portugal and Germany.