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21.01.2015 – Second Supervisory Board Meeting and Training Course of the ANDREA project

The second Supervisory Board Meeting of the ANDREA project took place on 21st of January 2015 preliminary to the Second ANDREA Training Course and the 24th ANT Burgundy Neuromeeting in Beaune, France.

Participants of the second steering board meeting of the ANDREA project
Live demonstration of recent project results during the second ANDREA Training Course

The external advisory board and the scientists in charge of all partners participated in the board meeting, summarized the successful progress in 2014 and discussed the future organization points and the detailed scientific plans for 2015.

Subsequent to the board meeting, the second ANDREA Training Course took place as a special workshop of the ANT Neuromeeting 2015. The workshop was divided into three main parts: Introductory lectures by all partners, followed by a demonstration of a variety of applications, and a live test period for the participants. The discussed topics included how the novel multi-pin dry electrodes performed during first validation test studies, requirements and influences for optimal acquisition results as well as possible applications in today’s and future research. Examples from previous EEG / ERP and BCI studies were presented. Several participants were invited to use the cap by themselves in a few small experiments. In parallel to the demonstrations and live tests the participants discussed about applications, signal quality, and artifact correction approaches. In summary, the Training Course was a successful platform for presenting and communicating the project progress and exchanging first-hand experiences between participants, applicants and the experts that developed the multi-pin dry electrodes.