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18.08.2016 – New publication on the photic driving effect

under scotopic conditions

In this study, we investigated photic driving for rod-dominated visual input under scotopic conditions. Twelve healthy volunteers were stimulated with low intensity light flashes at 20 stimulation frequencies, leading to rod activation only. We found resonance phenomena and frequency entrainment for stimulations at or close to the individual alpha frequency (0.90–1.10*α) and half of the alpha frequency (0.40–0.55*α). No signs of resonance and frequency entrainment phenomena were revealed around 2.00*α. Instead, on-responses at the beginning and off-responses at the end of each stimulation were observed at frequencies of 1.30–2.30*α, indicating that the flicker fusion threshold was reached. These results provide evidence for rod-dominated photic driving in the visual cortex.

C. Salchow, D. Strohmeier, S. Klee, D. Jannek, K. Schiecke, H. Witte, A. Nehorai and J. Haueisen. Rod Driven Frequency Entrainment and Resonance Phenomena. Front. Hum. Neurosci 10(413), doi: 10.3389/fnhum.2016.00413


Illustration of the photic driving effect at 1.00*α and the on-/off-response at 2.00*α under scotopic conditions