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12.11.2019 – Gold medal for invention of the BMTI

At the international trade fair "Ideen - Erfindungen - Neuheiten" iENA 2019 in Nürnberg from October 31 to November 3, the invention "Anordnung und Verfahren zur simultanen Messung der Fluoreszenz einzelner Schichten in einem Schichtsystem, beispielsweise dem Augenhintergrund” (“Arrangement and method for simultaneous measurement of the fluorescence of individual layers in a layer system, such as the ocular fundus") by the international jury with awarded a gold medal.
Autofluorescence of biological tissue, e.g. the retina, can be used to detect metabolic changes as a sign for the early detection of diseases. Due to the insufficient depth of field of the human eye, the fluorescence signal of individual retinal layers cannot be resolved. This novel method solves this problem by means of oblique illumination to convert the depth information into lateral information.

Inventors: Dr. Dietrich Schweitzer, Prof. Jens Haueisen, Dr. Matthias Klemm

A beam-forming element (axicon, left) transforms the structure of fluorescent layers (center) into a circular image (right).