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23.05.2019 - New open access publication from the Biosignal Processing Group.

The knowledge of frequency and temperature dependent dielectric properties of tissue is essential to develop ultra-wideband diagnostic technologies, such as a non-invasive temperature monitoring system during hyperthermia treatment. To this end, we characterized the dielectric properties of animal liver, muscle, fat and blood in the microwave frequency range from 0.5 GHz to 7 GHz and in the temperature range between 30°C and 50°C. The measured data were fitted to a temperature dependent Cole-Cole model, which provides access to the dielectric properties of tissue at any frequency and temperature in the specified range.Ley, S.; Schilling, S.; Fiser, O.; Vrba, J.; Sachs, J.; Helbig, M. Ultra-Wideband Temperature Dependent Dielectric Spectroscopy of Porcine Tissue and Blood in the Microwave Frequency Range. Sensors 2019, 19, 1707.

Contact:     Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Ley
                  Dr.-Ing. Marko Helbig

Relative permittivity and effective conductivity of blood (a,b) and liver (c,d) as a function of frequency at five different temperatures. Black curves show the dielectric properties reported by the literature at 37°C.