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18.06.2020 - New publication regarding a textile stimulation cap

for application of transcranial electrical stimulation.

Transcranial electrical (current) stimulation (tES) is a non-invasive technique to modulate neuronal activity. Conventional tES applications build on rubber electrodes embedded in sponge pockets soaked with saline solution and fixated by rubber bands. This setup, incorporating several pieces of equipment, is complex and requires professionally trained personnel to apply them. In cooperation with our research partners neuroConn GmbH (Ilmenau, Germany) and warmX GmbH (Apolda, Germany), we developed a flexible knitted cap incorporating multi-compartment electrodes consisting of a contact surface of silver-coated threads, a pocket behind the fabric containing sponges soaked in saline solution, and a diffusion barrier of silicone surrounding the electrode. The newly developed flexible cap as an application system for tES was compared qualitatively and quantitatively to the conventional setup of rubber electrodes in sponge pockets, with respect to their usability. The flexible cap with integrated textile stimulation electrodes demonstrated improved usability and reproducibility and thus overcomes some of the fundamental limitations of the conventional tES application system.

Alexander Hunold, Daniela Ortega, Klaus Schellhorn, Jens Haueisen:
Novel flexible cap for application of transcranial electrical stimulation: a usability study

BioMed Eng OnLine (2020) 19:50

Ansprechpartner:Alexander HunoldProf. Dr.-Ing. Jens Haueisen,

The novel flexible cap, setup C (left) and the electrode configurations of the conventional application system, setup R (right) on a head model. The inset in a depicts the inside of the cap with the textile electrodes exposed. Bottom: Histograms of participants’ responses on the evaluation of comfort (n = 60).