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24.11.2020 – New publication

New publication regarding a material study for head phantoms in bioelectromagnetic applications.

Assessments of source reconstruction procedures in electroencephalography and computations of transcranial electrical stimulation profiles require verification and validation with the help of ground truth configurations as implemented by physical head phantoms. For these phantoms, synthetic materials are needed, which are mechanically and electrochemically stable and possess conductivity values similar to the modeled human head tissues. To establish a realistically shaped physical head phantom with a well-defined volume conduction configuration, we characterized the electrical conductivity of synthetic materials for modeling head compartments. We found agarose, gypsum, and NaCl solution suitable for stable representations of the three main conductivity compartments of the head, i.e., scalp, skull, and intracranial volume. According to the results from our present study, an anisotropic conductivity structure such as a fiber track in white matter can be modeled using tailored reed sticks inside a volume conductor.

Alexander Hunold, René Machts, Jens Haueisen:
Head phantoms for bioelectromagnetic applications: a material study

BioMed Eng OnLine (2020) 19:87

Graphical abstract of the publication summarizing the investigated materials, the measurement technology, the conductivity results and introducing the design of the head phantom.