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M.Sc. Alexander Hunold

Academic Staff

Research & Projects

Research & Projects:

  • Analysis of MEG and EEG data with respect to epileptic foci
  • Modeling of the head as volume conductor
  • Simulation and application of transcranial current stimulation

    Personal Information

    Since January 2013Research Associate and PhD student at the BMTI
    December 2012Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering at Ilmenau University of Technology



    • TMS/tDCS (Lecture: Methods in Biomedical Engineering)

    Master- / Bachelor thesis and other study projects

      • EEG/MEG data analysis
      • Volume conductor modeling
      •  ...



        • A. Hunold,  M. Funke, R. Eichardt, J. Haueisen (2012): Complementary sensitivity of EEG and MEG depending on source depth and orientation. Presentation at the 18th Conference on Biomagnetism, August 29, Paris, France (Posterpräsentation)
        • A. Hunold, M. Funke, R. Eichardt, J. Haueisen (2011): Sensitivity distinctions in MEG and EEG depending on orientation and depth of spike sources in sulcus centralis. Presentation at the 5th Annual American Clinical MEG Society Conference, February 3, New Orleans, United States of America (Posterpräsentation)