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Electronics laboratory

In the electronics laboratory of the institute several apparatus for electronic development are available. The range varies from a precession spectral analyser over four channel oscillographs working on 2 GS/s up to a 128 channel logic analyser. Besides the high-end equipment, a variety of usual devices and multimeters can be utilised. For the energy supply of prototypes numerous lab mains adaptors can be used. Also a large variety of electronic components facilitates fast development of circuits. A temperature-controlled soldering station allows the placement of SMD elements and is an important technological part of the laboratory equipment at the electro static protected workplace. For smaller mechanical operations appropriate tools are available.

In the electronic laboratory there are furthermore three different development systems for microcontrollers of market-leading companies. MCUs are the best solution for small measurement and control tasks also in the context of AD-converters. Moreover there is equipment with development systems for digital signal processors (DSP) and Field Programmable Gate Array‘s (FPGA). These real-time image processing systems can be put into practice, which are used in many fields of medicine. Therewith much higher frame rates are possible compared to those on a PC.

In conclusion it can be summarized that the electronic laboratory offers excellent conditions for hard- and software development, thus it can compete with those of larger companies