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Electrophysiological laboratory

The electrophysiological laboratory was reopened in 2003. The installations were done according to the basic principle of the greatest possible interference resistance for the measurement of bioelectric signals.

In the laboratory mainly electroencephalographic measurements are conducted. Stimulation equipment for the visual system, the auditory system and the somatosensory system is available. Comprehensive data analysis algorithms offer the opportunity to study both evoked and induced brain activity. Source localization is performed with the help of in house software and commercial tools (ASA, Curry).

The laboratory is used for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, especially for their thesis work.

Equipment of the laboratory:

  • 12 channel DC-EEG-system THERA PRAX®
  • 64 channel DC-EEG-system NEURO PRAX®
  • 64 channel EEG-system incl. WaveGuard cap system (ANT B.V.) 
  • 64 channel EEG-system (Schwarzer)
  • 128 channel EEG-system incl. WaveGuard cap system (ANT B.V.)
  • POLHEMUS FASTRACK 3D-positioning system
  • Eye tracking systems (SMI, in-house development - calibration free)
  • Perimeter systems
  • Xensor 3D electrode digitizer system (ANT B.V.)
  • System for pupillary behaviour analysis (in-house development)
  • Diverse stimulation systems for visual stimulations (freely adjustable Ganzfeld stimulators, LCD and LED stimulators)