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X-ray laboratory

The X-ray laboratory of the institute is equipped with a complete medical X-ray diagnosis unit. Due to the fact that the laboratory is not utilized for the examinations of patients, the equipment is completely available for practical trainings, research and development. Therefore, a practical consolidation of contents of lectures covering ionizing radiation in medicine is facilitated.

One room provides a tilting table with under-table X-ray tube, electron-optical X-ray image amplifier and high-resolution X-ray television device. In a second room, a bucky table with swimming tabletop and a bucky floor stand are available. The configurations of both devices were modernized by converter-generators, donated by the company Hofmann Dornier Medizintechnik Erlangen. A darkroom provides a radiographic film processing machine. As a result of student’s works, an experimental computer tomograph was developed and is available for practical trainings, too. Furthermore, lots of teaching and demonstration materials are at hand for the education. For dosimetry there are six ionization chambers dosimeters present; whereas two of them are applicative for low-energy scattered radiation. Moreover, there exist measurement equipments for quality assurance test. The laboratory is approved by the authorities of Thuringia according to the Radiation Protection Ordinance. All experiments are operated by remote-controlled X-ray radiators, so that students are not exposed to X-radiation during the experiments. This is controlled by directly indicating dosimeters. The equipment of the laboratory is supported by the Strahlenschutzseminar in Thüringen e.V.  (Radiation Protection Seminar in Thuringia).