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Prof. Dr. Jens Haueisen

Institute Director

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Offers for pupils, teachers and parents

Service for pupils

We offer individual supervision of single pupils and small groups. Examples are:

  • Support and scientific supervision of seminar papers
  • 2-weak internships


In the focus of these events are the study programmes at the TU Ilmenau; herewith the emphasis lies on the programme Biomedical Engineering: motivation, contents, aims, professional perspectives.

The presentations last around 30 minutes and are appropriate for pupils and for first-year students; contrivable at the TUI as well as in the schools. We also offer presentations about actual research topics on a popular science level.

Guided lab tours

Understanding how we see, seeing how we understand.

Following this guiding idea we offer short introductions (around 10-30 min.) in our laboratories: x-ray laboratory, ophthalmologic laboratory, electrophysiological laboratory. These guided tours are appropriate for pupils and first-year students, max. group size 25 persons.


The workshops about the topic „Studying Biomedical Engineering in Ilmenau” are intended for small groups of about 15 persons. 

The content of this event is a presentation about BME including laboratory visits, practical demonstrations and experiments.

The workshops last around 2 hours and are intended for career counselling, career counselling companies and other interested persons. They can be held at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Informatics only.


The demonstration of the Biomedical Engineering equipment (patient monitor, EEG and EMG recordings) are designed for pupils and first-year students.

The demonstrations last around 15 minutes; the demonstration of the patient monitor can also be held in the schools.

Offers for advanced training

We offer advanced training on topics in the field of Biomedical Engineering comprising four hours per topic.