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Artificially Intelligent EEG Analysis in the Cloud

Project description

Artificial intelligence is fundamentally changing the field of medical signal processing. This is the starting point of the TeleBrain project. Our recently developed AI methods can automatically analyze EEG recordings, i.e. measurements of the electrical brain activity, and detect diseases. The groundbreaking novelty is the system’s ability to learn the distinctive patterns from data, rather than being given the criteria by a human. The system can even learn and utilize patterns unknown to us. The impact of this new capability of AI-based EEG analysis methods to the further development of diagnostic tools for new medical applications is unthinkable.

We see huge potential of AI-based EEG applications for early detection of neurological diseases and for unsupervised 24/7 monitoring. Thus, we seek to research solutions for the early detection and the prognosis of progress and success of treatment for the neurodegenerative diseases Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Furthermore, we seek to research methods for the prediction and detection of neurological complications in premature newborns.

Using cloud technologies and novel methods for efficient signal processing and transmission, we seek to make our sophisticated, computationally demanding methods available for widespread application and transfer them into marketable diagnostic solutions.