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Spatio-temporal decomposition with matching pursuit

Project description

Nowadays the technological development allows the construction of bioelectromagnetic measurement systems with several hundreds of measurement channels. In the traditional analysis of such multidimensional data often only time traces of selected single channels are considered. Another typical schema involves mapping analysis at single instants in time.

The aim of the project is the combination of the time-frequency analysis with the space mapping analysis. New methods, which are based on the Matching Pursuit decomposition combined with spatial analysis, are developed. For example it is possible by means of the Spatial Matching Pursuit (SMP) method to decompose multichannel data into parameterised spatiotemporal components. The SMP-atoms are extended atoms of the Matching Pursuit method. Besides time-frequency properties derived from Gabor atoms they have additional spatial properties, which describe the spatial distribution of multichannel data (see Figure). There are six different spatial modes. They are created using 2D Bessel functions and they model typical spatial distributions of multichannel bioelectromagnetic data.

The developed methods are used for analysis of EEG, MEG and MCG multichannel data. They are particularly useful for artefact rejection,  extraction of signal components of interest and time-frequency analysis of multichannel data.

Image 1: Adaptive time-frequency-space decomposition of MEG data with SMP method.
A – Butterfly plot of MEG data (31 channels); B – time-frequency-mode of MEG data; C – Butterfly plot of an extracted 600Hz component.

Project partner

Project partners were not deposited.

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