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Development of a bidirectional, HDTV-based Mobile-Online-Help-System (MOHS)

Project description

Modern medical procedures require a high amount of knowledge from the professionals in the health care system. Since this knowledge is not available all over the country, innovative telemedical solutions are increasingly required. In the project, a HD-IPTV based Mobile-Online-Help-System will be developed. Effective use of the feedback channel will allow for interactive features. Together with enhanced contents this will additionally facilitate application in the field of professional training and patient information. Moreover, interactive teleconsulting with experts in real time and HD will be possible. Interactivity includes e.g. remote control of medical devices or cameras as well as the retrieval of additional data. The central aim of the project is in research and development in the field of bidirectional HDTV for clinical applications within the proposed framework of Mobile-Online-Help-System.

Image 1: All video streams available in the operation room are processed, combined and transmitted to the client using a server system. By user interaction at the client, the video stream can be controlled and feedback can be provided using a reverse channel.

Project partner

Fachgebiet Audiovisuelle Technik der TU Ilmenau; Telefocus TV GmbH

Publications & patents

Publications were not deposited.