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categorization of surface roughness by multimodal stray light analysis

Project description

The roughness of technical surfaces is a main factor for choosing the manufacturing technology for a workpiece. It essentially determines the tribological properties of a surface. Measuring the roughness of very smooth surfaces with a tactile method usually damages part of the surface. In addition, tactile methods are relatively slow and characterize only one point on the surface which renders them inappropriate for processes that require 100% inspection.

The aim of this cooperation project is to develop a surface roughness measurement method based on multimodal stray light analysis. From the signal of a Shack-Hartmann wave front aberrometer in combination with a stop of variable diameter the surface can be characterized regarding its shape, waviness and roughness. This information is acquired simultaneously and with a good areal resolution. With the simple equipment and a reduced measurement time compared to other methods this approach is robust and suitable for integration into production processes.

Layout of the measurement principle

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