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Experimental computer tomograph

Project description

In a practice orientated education imaging and image processing of the cross-section reconstruction methods are one of the most challenging chapters. But a demonstration in the practical training will be problematic. Medical CTs are therefore not available and also not suitable. So an own experimental CT has been designed and build. Using a high-tensile converter generator and an existing x-ray tube a sampling mechanism (rotary table on linear rails) has been constructed. An x-ray sensitive row (NTB Diepholz) will be used as detector. The previous results have fully proven the goal parameter. In the single cross-section a local resolution of 6/mm is achievable. The volume reconstruction has been realised sequential. The operating surface allows access to all the scanning and reconstruction parameter. The possibility is available to do a hardening correction and a calibration of the Hounsfield unit. The experimental computer tomography is integrated in the laboratory practical training Biomedical Engineering since the winter semester 2005/06.

Image 1: Cross-section picture of a cranium phantom.

Publications & patents

Publications were not deposited.