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Domain specific module library for modelling of clinical processes

Project description

Models of medical processes can be used for various purposes in health care institutions, e.g. for support of medical documentation, for cost calculation, for benchmarking or for process optimization. Currently, a lot of such process models (clinical guidelines, clinical pathways) are stored only in free text oder tabular format. Graphical notations allow better readability and clarity. Usable are event-driven process chains (EPC) or flow diagrams. However, using these semi-formal formats, each process model has to be redesigned from scratch, although clinical actions consist of recurring elements. The aim of this project is the identification of such recurring process parts and to store them in graphical notation in a domain-specific library for modeling clinical processes. The library is designed in the ISO standard UML an can thus be implemented in various ways. An exemplary implementation in the scope of the project is one for the modeling and simulation tool MLDesigner, which can then be used for establishing clinical pathways that can be simulated, e.g. for estimation of planned structural or processual changes or for cost calculation.

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Figure 1: Domain specific module library for modeling of clinical processes

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