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Indicators and process models for RFID application to increase efficiency in hospitals (Case study on sterilization and surgical procedures in hospital in Germany and Indonesia)

Project description

Scarce resources in hospitals and avoidable errors in operating rooms are the starting points of this work. By means of information technology such as UC and RFID, selected processes in hospitals could become more efficient and safer. To test this hypothesis, indicators for evaluation are necessary. Thus, this study's principal topic is: Which indicators are instrumental to evaluate the use of certain information technologies (RFID) in selected hospital processes?
After literature evaluation as well as observation and documentation of two processes (sterilization and surgery) in two selected hospitals in Indonesia (Wahidin Sudiro Husodo Hospital, Makassar) and Germany (St. Mary's Hospital, Soest), indicators were selected. The selected indicators were reviewed in a two-phase expert survey. The analysis led to a conceptual design for RFID use in sterilization and surgical processes. Process models for both hospitals will be created according to the above concept. The utilized methods include a thorough survey as well as semiformal and functional process mapping.

Image 1: Concept Design

Project partners

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