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IT-supported modeling of healthcare processes with the MID-Innovator

Project description

The optimization of processes under the conditions of a more effective and efficient achievement of objectives has been neglected in healthcare for a long time. Due to growing cost pressure the interest in workflow managemanet is increasing. Clinical pathways are the key element to further reducing costs in hospitals without compromising the quality of treatment. Clincial pathways describe a standardized approach for the treatment of patients from hospitalization to discharge. Previously, a wide range of inefficient methods has been used to record and document clinical pathways. However, in order to achieve the full potential of clinical pathways in the future, such as IT-supported medical workflows assistance, pathways have to be continuously represented in a semiformal graphic notation with the help of modeling tools. Owing to the fact that the healthcare sector is a complex and multi-layered structure, modeling tools have to fit these domain-specific needs. The research cooperation between the MID GmbH, the Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Informatics of the TU Ilmenau and other qualified associate partners wants to adjust and optimize the MID Innovator for modeling healthcare processes in the Unified Modeling Language facilitating the utilization of clinical pathways for different purposes.

Image 1: IT-supported modeling with Innovator

Project partners

  • MID GmbH Nürnberg
  • Universitätsklinikums der Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
  • MEDIAN Kliniken GmbH & Co. KG
  • Sozialstiftung Bamberg
  • iSOFT Health GmbH

Publications & patents

Publications were not deposited.