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Opto-neurological rehabilitation for AMD patients

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Project description

In Germany, about 4.5 Million people suffer from age-related macular degeneration (AMD). AMD yields in its late phases a complete loss of the function of the central retina and thus the central sight. A patient quotation: "At places where I try to look closely, I cannot see anything anymore." There is no therapy available for AMD. The primary aim of our research group is the development of a novel optical rehabilitation to improve vision in AMD patients. The technological approach is based on innovative free-form optic. Moreover, we will develop novel training schemes for patients with the new rehabilitation devices based on neuro-scientific investigations.


Gruppenbild der Teilnehmer AOO 2014 Ilmenau, Deutschland

23. Treffen des Arbeitskreises Ophthalmische Optik(AOO) 24.-10. Oktober 2014 in Ilmenau / Deutschland

Das 23. Treffen des Arbeitskreises Ophthalmische Optik fand in Ilmenau vom 24. bis 26. Oktober 2014 statt.


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