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QuaSA - Quantitative light scatter analysis on eye

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Project description

Effects of operations at anterior parts of the eye shall be visualized with a novel method of measurement. At a follow-up examination the operation success is as important as unwanted side effects like the increment of stray light.  Especially the stray light disturbs the patient, for example by glare effects while driving car at night. The real degree of exposure is normally unknown for the doctor, because he can only see from outside into the patient eye. With the new developed device groundwork is laid to quantify and visualize the real stray light exposure spatially. Heart of the laboratory demonstrator is a Hartmann-Shack-Wavefront-Sensor for analysis of aberrations of the eye, in combination with a multifunctional, programmable aperture in form of a reflective display. Using this display enables the selection of those parts of light, which can be assigned to the stray light from the anterior part of the eye. Concerning this a patent was applied for and at the international trade fair iENA-2011 awarded with a silver medal.

Schematic diagram of the measurement system
laboratory setup of QuaSa

Publications & patents


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Patent Applications:

  • „Programmable multifunctional aperture for the analysis of optical systems“ (DE 10 2011 102 176 A1)

silver medal at the iENA2011
silver medal of the „Salon International des Inventions, Genéve 2012“