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FLIM 2010 - Symposium "Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging of the Human Retina"

We thank all speakers, participants, organizers and sponsors for their valuable contribution the success of the Symposium - Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging of the Human Retina!

The symposium is embedded in the International Research Colloquium of the Ilmenau University of Technology.


Fluorescence lifetime imaging of the human retina is a newly developed technology. It aims to detect reversible changes in the metabolism of the retina before nonreversible pathologic alterations occur. The goal of the symposium „FLIM2010" is to bring together experts on instrumentation, measurements of metabolic parameters in tissue and cells as well as clinical applications in the field of fluorescence lifetime imaging. Authors are kindly invited to submit manuscripts for oral or poster presentations. Subjects of manuscripts are not restricted to the human eye.


  • Instrumentation and Algorithms
    • devices and technical solutions for fluorescence lifetime imaging
    • time correlated single photon counting (TCSPC)
    • spectral fluorescence lifetime imaging
    • frequency domain fluorescence lifetime imaging
    • multi-exponential decay approximation algorithms
  • In-vitro Measurements
    • fluorescence lifetime measurements in cell cultures
    • fluorescence lifetime measurements of metabolic parameters in tissue
    • fluorescence lifetime measurements of ocular tissue
    • 2-photon fluorescence intensity imaging
  • Clinical Application
    • auto-fluorescence lifetime measurements of human organs such as fundus, lens, skin
    • analysis of auto-fluorescence lifetime in clinical studies
    • application of auto-fluorescence lifetime in diagnostic methods
    • combination of auto-fluorescence lifetime measurements with other imaging techniques


Prof. Dr. J. Haueisen, Dr. U. Graichen, M. Klemm

  • In Cooperation with Department of Ophthalmology, University of Jena 

Invited Speakers

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