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Prof. G. Mook Chair of the Young Scientist Award Hands out the certificate to R. Böttcher (Foto: DGZFfP Mrs. Pohlmann)
Masters Student wins highly ranked award of the DGZfP

The German Society for Non-Destructive Testing (Deutsche Gesellschaft für zerstörungsfreie Prüfung, DGZfP) announces annually the researcher, the young researcher and the applicant award. From 11 proposals the master student B.Sc. René Böttcher of our master program in material science received a highly ranked award at the annual convention 2014 in Potsdam.

He was honored for his outstanding bachelor thesis. The thesis was focusing on the “Investigation of thick film systems using ultra sound in a water bath applying Fourier analyses during signal processing” (German: „Untersuchungen von Dickschicht-systemen mittels Ultraschall (Impuls-Echo-Verfahren) im Wasserbad und Signalverarbeitung mit der Fourieranalyse“). The supervising tutor of the thesis was Prof. Dr. L. Spieß member of the Institute for Materials Engineering. With this work it is possible to determine materials properties such as Young’s modulus and Poisson’s constant as well as using the ultrasound damping to identify the properties of the structure and the grains.

Mr. Böttcher presented his findings during a plenary session in front of a huge audience (600 people) of specialists in non-destructive material testing. Furthermore, he presented a poster applying his findings in the field of material testing titled: “Analyses of material properties using ultra sound or “Is the gold bullion pure?””.

Besides that, students of the Technische Universität Ilmenau are awarded almost annually with the young researcher award. This gives the students the chance of taking part in a lecture of non-destructive material testing to improve their skills in this area. Mr. Böttcher had this chance/ award already in 2013.

In this way the long and successful work of the Chair Materials for Electronics in the field of non-destructive material testing is honored by the DGZfP.

Prof. Dr. L. Spieß

Institute for Materials Engineering