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Alumni Portrait Aikaterini Topalidou

In unserem Alumni-Portrait stellen wir diesmal Aikaterini Topalidou vor. Sie absolvierte den Master-Studiengang am IfMK und schloss ihn 2015 ab. In our current Alumni-Portrait we present Aikaterini Topalidou. She comes from Greek and graduated from the Master’s Program at the Institute of Media and Communication Science Ilmenau in 2015.

Aikaterini Topalidou (Foto: Privat)

Where are you working currently?
At the moment I am working as a communication officer at the European Schoolnet, a non-profit organization in Brussels. European Schoolnet is a network of 30 European Ministries of Education. The aim of the organization is to convey innovations in teaching and learning for Ministries of Education, schools, teachers, researchers, and industry partners in Europe.

What did you like the most during your study here?
During my study at IfMK at the Master’s programme “Media and Communication Science” I got introduced to aspects of media studies I had never heard of before, like dedicated subjects to mediated reality, and had to get to grips with empirical research, which as daunting as it seemed in the beginning, it really deepened my understanding of research methods. And of course, the wonderful friends I made during– or even because– of my studies and the memories of our adventures discovering student life, Germany in general and Thuringia in particular. What I least liked: the cold! I was not used to such low temperatures and so much snow (during my year in Ilmenau, it was snowing from the 26th of October until the 1st of May)!

What subject did you like the most during your study at IfMK?
A bit hard to tell but, Managing Strategic Crisis Communication and Strategic Political Framing of Climate Change in different countries were among my favorites; either for being hands-on, or for challenging my way of thinking.

How did your study experience help you in your professional career?
For sure studying at IfMK has helped me a lot. Even though I was looking at the subjects from a more academic perspective while studying, when I started working after leaving the university I started seeing real-life applications; for example in my work managing communications in online courses offered to teachers around Europe, I have found everything we learned in cross-cultural crisis communications extremely helpful and effective. In addition, the subject on scientific work and empirical research has enabled me to help improve the relevance of certain questionnaires my organisation sends out, in order to get more meaningful results.

Do you have any suggestions to improve the Master programme “Media and Communication Science” at IfMK?
What I would have liked to see at that time would be the possibility to have an internship arranged through the university, which would ensure that every graduate would have at least one working experience before leaving the university. In any case, I wish all new IfMK students success with their studies and their future ventures once they enter the job market, but I would also advise them to enjoy the experience of making international friends to the fullest!