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Christoph Kuhlmann earns theory prize

For his habilitation project “Kommunikation als Weltbezug”, Christoph Kuhlmann has earned the theory prize by the German Association for Publicity and Communication Science (DGPuK). Every two years, the association honors exceptional theoretical works.

Christoph Kuhlmann and Katrin Jungnickel at the award ceremony of the DGPuK (Photo: Julian Windscheid)

„Kommunikation als Weltbezug“ (Herbert von Halem, 2016)

In his work, Kuhlmann developed a model for the analysis of communication processes, where the content as well as the effects of media are conceptualized as world references. He thereby puts an approach up for discussion, which allows analyzing all phases of communication out of a unique theoretical perspective.

In 2014, Christoph Kuhlmann finished his habilitation project successfully. Now the book is available („Kommunikation als Weltbezug“, Köln: Halem 2016). Kuhlmann has already presented the book in the context of the „Cologne Media Talks“, as well as at this year’s annual DGPUK conference in Düsseldorf.