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Katrin Jungnickel earns junior researcher award

Katrin Jungnickel from the Group for Research in Public Relations and Communication of Technology has earned the second prize for the best submission by a junior researcher at the annual conference of the German Association for Publicity and Communication Science (DGPuK) for her presentation about marketing opinion leadership research.

Christoph Kuhlmann and Katrin Jungnickel at the award ceremony of the DGPuK (Photo: Julian Windscheid)

„Interdisziplinäre Meinungsführerforschung. Eine systematische Literaturanalyse“ (2017, Springer VS)

The presentation focused on one part of Katrin Jungnickel’s dissertation, which deals with the development of opinion leadership in different disciplines over the last 20 years. The dissertation was published as a book titled „Interdisziplinäre Meinungsführerforschung. Eine systematische Literaturanalyse”.


Eine systematische Literaturanalyse“ (2017, Springer VS)