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New partnership at IfMK for the practical seminar on Public Relations

Since April 2017, the PR agency PETT PR from Gotha supports the practical bachelor seminar “Public Relations”.

Karoline Oelsner, Ninette Pett und Dr. Andreas Schwarz (f.l.) (Photo: Kersten Hoppe)

Getting practical insights while studying by working on a project for real companies is possible in the seminar „Public Relations“, organized by the Group for Research in Public Relations and Communication of Technology for students in the bachelor's program Applied Media and Communication Studies.

The seminar already exists for 16 years and is constantly supported by PR experts, who give insights in their everyday work. After many successful years of cooperation with Brigitte Kaltwasser from Kaltwasser Kommunikation, Nuremberg, the PR agency PETT PR from Gotha will be the new practical partner. CEO Ninette Pett has now the task to motivate companies for the project and to support the students of the 4th semester when they plan the PR strategies and actions.

On April, 4th, this year’s companies were announced. Jenoptik, the airport Erfurt-Weimar and the VR bank Westthuringia are on board. „Now the intense and exciting three months working phase starts, where the future PR professionals work on their strategic concepts“, explains Dr. Andreas Schwarz, head of the Group for Research in Public Relations and Communication of Technology.

On July, 4th, the students will present their PR conceptions in a pitch in front of a jury consisting of Dr. Andreas Schwarz, the lecturers of the seminar Katrin Jungnickel and Karoline Oelsner, the agency PETT PR and the companies. They choose the best PR concept. All participants are looking forward to the start of the projects. “I am very delighted about the connection between the university and the industry that is practiced in Ilmenau since many years”, compliments Pett. “The seminar enables students to get valuable insights in the practice of PR and contributes to the qualification of young PR professionals.”