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School & ceramics from a new perspective: research projects in 360°

The Media and Communication Management Group is currently working in two research projects with 360° camera systems. This comparably new technology is used in two different scenarios.

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During his work for the research project „QualiTeach“, Julian Windscheid M.A. is dealing with the subject of 360° videos to improve teacher education. Such video material that shows real inclusive teaching situations in practice shall be embedded to an eLearning platform. This digital environment shall help teachers, students and teacher trainees to conduct specific further education for inclusive learning-teaching situations (“digital hospitancy”). Julian Windscheid is working with GoPro Omni System.

Dr. Daniel Schultheiß is also working with 360° videos, currently in the EU-Project “Ceramics and its Dimensions”. He is supported by the seminar media production (Thomas Walkling). As part of the “House of Ceramics”, within this context a prototype with a realistic virtual exhibition shall be developed. After conducting several tests, video recording started in April 2017 in “Mirrow- and Porcelain Cabinet” of Schlossmuseum Arnstadt. About 800 exhibits are till date not open to the public. This prototypic 360° exhibition will offer the chance to porcelain fans all over the world to look at these exhibits in 360°-all around view. Daniel Schultheiß is working with the Samsung-Gear-360-System.

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