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Research project presented at Computer Graphics Conference in Porto

Tobias Schwandt has presented the results of a recent Master Thesis written at the Virtual Worlds and Digital Games Group of the IfMK at the “12th International Joint Conference on Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics Theory and Applications” (VISIGRAPP). In this thesis, Daniel Bischoff worked on the subject of computer graphics, especially dealing with illumination problems in open world scenes.

Flyer VISIGRAPP (photo: privat)

The conference took place in Porto, Portugal, from February, 27 to March, 1st, 2017. As supervisor of the Master Thesis and second author of the conference paper, Tobias Schwandt presented the results in a 30-minutes-conference presentation titled “A Real–Time Global Illumination Approach for High Resolution Reflective Shadow Maps in Open World Scenes”. The paper is now available online at SCITEPRESS. The journey to Porto was supported financially by proWiWi e.V., a network for researchers, students, alumni and company representatives encouraging mutual exchange.


Paper available here