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Prof. Nicola Döring serves as a consultant for the topic area “Research Methods, Statistics, Evaluation” in the just released The Dorsch

The Dorsch – Dictionary of Psychology (published by Hogrefe), the most reknown academic reference book for psychology, was just released in its 18th edition.

„Dorsch. Lexikon der Psychologie“ (Hogrefe, 2017)

If you want to find out how psychologists define concepts like “motivation”, “aggression”, “stress”, “sexuality”, or “experiment”, do not look it up on Wikipedia, consult the Dorsch instead. The Dorsch offers an online portal as well (

As an expert consultant, Prof. Nicola Döring supervises the topic area of research methods, statistics, and evaluation (RSE). This area comprises of nearly 1,400 keywords about topics like sampling, operationalization/data collection, research designs, data analysis, research ethics and evaluation as well as quality management. Prof. Döring contributed, inter alia, articles about empirical social research, data collection and data analysis methods, research design and tests of significance (link to the topic area “research methods, statistics, and evaluation (RSE)” within the Dorsch: