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With public diplomacy on the route to doctorate

Two researchers in the field of media science have finalized their doctorate under Prof. Martin Löffelholz and completed the publication of their dissertation.

„Theorie der Public Diplomacy“ (Springer VS, 2017)

Alice Srugies’ dissertation “Competition or cooperation?: a comparative analysis of the public diplomacy of the European Union and selected member states” is accessible for free in full text for those interested ( She describes the European public diplomacy on a national, regional and transnational level on the basis of a comparative empirical study of the EU institutions such as the European commission and the European federal foreign office as well as France and Sweden as European member states.

Claudia Auer’s dissertation „Theorie der Public Diplomacy - Sozialtheoretische Grundlegung einer Form strategischer Kommunikation“ (Theory of public Diplomacy – a social theoretical foundation of strategic communication) is published at Springer VS (doi: 10.1007/978-3-658-17473-6). She develops a theory of public diplomacy that merges macro-sociological perspectives and action theoretical approaches.