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Alumni-Portrait Yusra Buwayhid

In our Alumni portrait we interviewed Yusra Buwayhid who is currently working at Deutsche Welle in Bonn in the department for the East African language Kiswahili.

Yusra Buwayhid (Photo: private)

Where are you currently working, and what are you doing there?
I am working as a radio and online journalist at Deutsche Welle, in the Kiswahili department. My week is usually divided between radio and digital journalism through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and even WhatsApp… which is great. The radio is where I literally found my voice. And online journalism is exciting.

You completed the Master’s Program in Media and Communication Science at TU Ilmenau. What were the research topics that you picked?
As a student of a Master’s Program in Media and Communication Science at TU Ilmenau I picked modules such as Managing Strategic Crisis Communication, Strategic Political Framing of Climate Change and Stimulating Discourse.

Which courses or projects do you think were especially important for your professional career?
Stimulating Discourse with Prof. Wolfgang Schweiger is a class that had opened my eyes on the importance of internet to journalism. I did a group project that asked us to measure regulations of comments and discussions empirically on different online news media. The things I learned from that class are still relevant to me today. As a young journalist at Deutsche Welle, a few days a week I am in charge of our social media platforms and the insights I gained from Wolfgang’s class make my work a bit easier today.

Did you do some internships during your studies, if yes, where?
Internships are important. No company wants to hire someone with zero work experience, and as a student the easiest way to gain work experience is through an internship. Personally, I did my internship at Deutsche Welle, while I was still writing my Master thesis. After the internship I was lucky to be hired as a full time professional journalist which was always a dream of mine.

How did you choose a topic for your Master thesis, and do you have any advice for other students regarding the Master thesis?
I chose a topic that I found interesting at that time. You are going to spend half a year or more researching and writing about that topic, so it better be something you are curious about. As for the writing of the thesis, start as early as you can. What advice would you give current students for their future? Brace yourself because it is going to be tough. There are some skills you will need in the working environment that no lecturer can teach you in class.