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Creative concepts for PR practice

With the beginning of the summer semester the practical part of the „Berufsfeldorientierung PR“ has started and thus entered its 17th round this year. Again, two exciting Thuringian companies perform as clients to the seminar – SAE-Schaltanlagenbau Erfurt GmbH and FLIGHT DESIGN general aviation GmbH.

Briefing of the students (Source: Pett PR Unternehmenskommunikation mbH & Co KG)

In the last semester, 27 students of the seminar "Berufsfeldorientierung PR" learned how to develop a PR concept in theory. Now they need to apply this know how in parctice to deliver tailored concepts for their clients at the end of this semester. During a briefing at the beginning of April, the two clients – Steffen Brehme (SAE Schaltanlagenbau Erfurt GmbH) and Lars Jörges (FLIGHT DESIGN general aviation GmbH) – gave first insights into their companies and explained the tasks. While the SAE Schaltanlagenbau Erfurt GmbH is concerned with a campaign to adress young specialists, the FLIGHT DESIGN general aviation GmbH wants a precise PR concept for its exclusive products.

For each client, three groups of about four to five students will compete with each other during the semester. The students will visit the companies at their locations for a rebriefing, demonstrate methodological knowledge while analysing the target group and put together tailored packages of measures. During the intensive and exciting work phase the young agencies are not only accompanied by the seminar leaders, Tatjana Faj and Elisabeth Wagner-Olfermann, but also advised by Ninette Pett. Since last year, the managing director of PETT PR Gesellschaft für Unternehmenskommunikation has taken over the task of the practical supervisor and the acquisition of clients. In July, the students will present their concepts to their clients and invited guests in a real pitch.