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Media use in refugee families

What does media use and media education look like in refugee families? Dr. Liane Rothenberger and Ahmed Elmezeny interviewed about 20 Arabic-speaking refugee families from Iraq and Syria.

Dr. Rothenberger speaks with refugee children about their media use. Afterwards they drawed their media repertoires (photo: Liane Rothenberger)

Media competence is a top priority in Germany. There are information evenings, brochures with tips on recommended times of use and programme guides pointing out programmes that are child-friendly. But do these tips also reach families who have fled? What does media use and media education look like there? Researchers from Technische Universität Ilmenau and Augsburg University are investigating this question in cooperation with the city of Erlangen. In order to overcome possible barriers, the interviews took place in the homes or emergency accommodations of the refugees and in Arabic. At the end of the interviews, Ahmed Elmezeny and Dr. Liane Rothenberger gave the families tips on where to find information on media use suitable for children, and informed the parents about age restrictions, for example. The German speaking children were interviewed in German and separate from the parents in order to compare the answers later. It was noticed that the children often watch German programmes, while the adults increasingly stick to their old Arabic programmes. Respondents should also assess whether and to what extent their media use in Germany differs from their previous media use in their home country. The project results are to be presented in summer.