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Successful habilitation of Dr. Liane Rothenberger

PD Dr. phil. habil. Liane Rothenberger successfully completed her habilitation in communication studies.

Dr. Rothenberger with her postdoctoral thesis.

The Council of the Department of Economics and Media has approved of the habilitation of Dr. Liane Rothenberger. The employee in the group of media studies has submitted an approximately 360-page postdoctoral thesis on the subject of "Terrorism as Communication". In it, she points out the descriptive and explanatory potential of communication science theories, approaches and empirical studies. This was followed by a trial lecture on "Media repertoires of students and refugees" in a regular Bachelor research seminar. The process concluded with a lecture on "Values and Norms in Communication Science" followed by a discussion. The Habilitation Commission agreed that Dr. Rothenberger had successfully fulfilled all three required partial performances. Dr. Rothenberger received the teaching licence ("Venia legendi") for the subject communication science.