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Project "Entrepreneurship Education Monitor for STEM Programs in Eastern Germany" successfully completed

At the media and communication management research group, a research project was conducted to analyze the status quo of the curricular anchoring of entrepreneurship education offers in STEM programs (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, technology) at universities in six East German countries.

Entrepreneurship Education Monitor for STEM Programs in Eastern Germany

In June 2018, the team led by Professor Andreas Will and Britta Gossel, with Kathrin Schleicher, Anja Solf, Maximilian Kraus and Christian Weber presented the results and successfully completed the project. Based on 2220 available digital course documents, 1361 STEM programs were analyzed. As a result, the study shows that just under one-fifth of the STEM degree courses have curricular anchored content on entrepreneurship. There were clear differences between the individual federal states and between the different subject groups. The results were published in the form of a brochure and are available online at The study was funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the Federal Government Commissioner for the New Länder.